Andaman Tour Packages

Are you tired and bored of your work? Do you need a vacation to relax and enjoy tranquillity? Looking for the best places to have a vacation? We have the best tour packages to pass your valuable time with fun and thrills. Wondering where? The Andaman Islands! Yes, the always alluring the Andaman Islands are our suggestion for you! This is your opportunity to see what the Andaman Islands have for you to entertain.

The Andaman Islands, an oceanic beauty, are one of the remarkable sights for entertainment. The local beaches, the forests lining the beaches and the museums are the top tourist spots. The loads of beaches present in the Andaman Islands have grainy white sands, making them appear like snowy. The climatic conditions of the Andaman Islands are outstanding all the year round since they are neither hot nor cold. The three best places to visit in the Andaman Islands are Havelock Island and Port Blair. Pick one of the tour packages to enjoy and experience the exotic beauty of the Andaman Islands!   

Port Blair

Port Blair offers a lot of entertainment opportunities for your family and friends.

  • Cellular Jail

Cellular jail in Port Blair is a witness of atrocities where the freedom fighters of India were imprisoned. The cellular jail has honeycomb like cells with long corridors. The sound and light show of the cellular jail is amazing because it has the lights of the Indian flag’s colour. So, you should not miss out this show.

  • Marina Park and Gandhi Park

Both Marina Park and Gandhi Park will let you relax and have some fun time with your family and friends.

  • Beaches

Corbyn’s Cove Beach is an ideal spot for swimming and sun basking. It is also called the coconut palm fringed beach. The beer bar in this beach can be a good spot to enjoy with your friends. Wandoor beach will be a lovely spot for enjoying the cool seaside breeze. On the other hand, North Bay Beach has corals and offer ferry rides. The ferry ride in the beach will let you to enjoy the serenity of the ocean.

  • Islands

Jolly Buoy Island has lots of water activities to offer. Glass bottom boat ride will give you the opportunity to enjoy the amazing view of the corals and marine life under the crystal clear water. White grainy beach and crystal clear blue/green water will be simply mesmerizing. Ross Island is another island in which the cellular jail is located.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island is the perfect place to get close to the nature. Visiting this island will help one have a memorable experience with lots of adventure.

  • Beaches

Elephant Beach will make you think that you are in paradise. The white grainy sands of the beach and the strong, magnificent and colourful corals that line the beach will simply be mesmerizing to you. You can swim with your family and friends and unravel the beauty of the white sandy beach.

Radhanagar Beach was named as one of the best beaches in Asia by the TIME magazine. It holds wonderful beauty and wilderness. The sea is so clean and clear that it will make your soul filled with joy. Though it has many water sports to participate in, you can simply spend your time watching the sunset and the sunrise.

  • Activities at beach

Havelock Island offers a load of fun activities to people of all ages. Beach combing is one of the main activities to do at the beach, especially for lovers of shells. Comb the beach for something interesting and who knows, you might get some valuable pearls or something you would take as a souvenir. Sunbathing opportunity is there for the tan lovers, who love the sunny days at beach warming at the sea shore lying and enjoying the sun.

While scuba diving, dive with your friends, family and kids under the ocean and enjoy the marine lives. The incredible creatures of the sea will make you wonder about the existence of so much variety of life. The diving areas include the seduction point, the aquarium, the lighthouse, the pilot reef, the mac point, the turtle bay, and the Minerva ridge. Diving will ease off your tensions and it is one of the best activities to enjoy visualising the marine lives.

A seashore walk is preferable and if you have enough energy, you can even run, hop and jump with others. Snorkelling is swimming in the sea with snorkel (a tube) and fins. Water sports, like surfing, swimming, and fishing are the best to pass some cool time in the ocean. Have a competition with your fishing partner to see who catches the biggest one. Sail to feel the breeze of the ocean and clear your mind. Kayaking is one of the most popular rafting water sports and you might surely love it.

  • Forests

The dense forest with the chain of trees is a picturesque beauty. The diversity of plants in the woods will make you awestruck. The canopy will seem like the sky of the forest with numerous birds flying and chirping around. The forests in the Andaman Islands are the best spots for the bird watchers and bird lovers.

Elephant ride in the paths of the forest will be a new experience for you. The slow walk of the elephant with you sitting over it and watching the lively, green forest will be a never forgettable experience. Bird watching can also be done while riding on an elephant, thus making it easy for the bird lovers. But you should remain silent otherwise you will frighten the birds away. Trekking in the forest is perfect only for the adventure lovers. But make sure that your feet is ready. While walking, enjoy the natural vegetation of the forest, the exotic and budding flowers and the creatures of the forest you have never seen before.

We assure you that the Andaman Islands will definitely make a positive change in your life. These islands are always inspiring and you will surely be inspired too after making a trip here.

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