AquaTru Water Purifier Review

Is AquaTru Water Purifier Good for You or Hyped Up Product? Read my honest review below..

Inventor: Peter Spiegel

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aquatru countertop water purifier review

Water is the daily use of our life so we shout very much careful for the clean water. In today’s busy life we must drink quality water to stay healthy. But due to our daily lifestyle, it’s not possible at all. So having the best water purifier is a good idea. Here, AquaTru™ is the first and only countertop reverse osmosis water purifier that creates bottled quality water from your tap. Using this product, you can save your life by drinking clean and healthy water. No plumbing or installation required. AquaTru provides great-tasting pure water, just like your favorite bottled water provides.

What is AquaTru Water?

AquaTru’s exclusive, patent pending TruPure technology miniaturized the same reverse osmosis technology used by all the major bottled brands and puts it into a compact countertop water purifier for the first time. This purifier shows the essential to purify your drinking water to the fullest extent. Doing so will bring about a variety of health benefits that will increase the quality and quantity of your life. It is extremely efficient so you don’t get the water waste like with other RO systems. Also, you are not trucking water all over for delivery, nor are you using up single-use water bottles that are so harmful to our planet & animals. Use AquaTru at work to be sure you’re drinking the purest water while you work. With no installation required, you can put AquaTru™ in the kitchen, in the breakroom or even in your private office.

Product Details:

  • AquaTru™ meets NSF Standards for 128 chemicals and gasses.
  • Typical pitcher filters meet 13 and Faucet filters meet 58
  • 14″ Tall x 14″ Deep x 12″ Wide
  • 35.56 cm Tall x 35.56 cm Deep x 30.48cm Wide
  • Crisp, clean water from your countertop!
  • Removes or substantially reduces virtually
  • AquaTru™ provides great-tasting pure water

aquatru water filter reviews

How Does AquaTru Give You Clean Water?

AquaTru™ is designed to make your water taste better and necessarily safer. These filters remove simple chemicals like chlorine, but may leave behind a toxic chemical concoction for you to drink AquaTru™ removes or substantially reduces virtually all the toxic chemicals in your tap water. This purifier works in four stages where it shows you how your water get purified clearly. By using the AquaTru to refill existing bottles and water containers, you are helping halt the continued trashing of our environment with plastic. AquaTru is powered by patented TruPure technology:

  • Pre- Filter The water passes through the filter that removes large particles such as sand and rust.
  • Activated Carbon Block Filter It is the osmosis filter that removes chlorine and chloramine
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter High-Pressure Pump which pushes the water to purify the osmosis membrane which is so dangerous
  • Polishing The water passes through the activated carbon black filter which ensures tasty and steam and finally purify the true and clean quality water

What’s Wrong With Tap Water?

Tap water contains lots of contaminants so that your drinking water gets contaminant easily and it is not good for your health causes more diseases. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates about 100 contaminants in our tap water, but a study shows that there are over 300 harmful contaminants in tap water. Some of those contaminants include:

  • Disinfection byproducts (carcinogens)
  • Perchlorate (rocket fuel)
  • MTBE (gasoline additive)
  • Prescription drug residue like Anti-Depressants and Hormones from birth control.

So after using this AquaTru™ purifier you no need to worry about contaminated water. Using this purifier you will get crisp, clean water from your countertop. It provides great-tasting pure water, just like your favorite bottled water provides. No heavy bottles to carry around or filters to change every few months. AquaTru filters last for 2-3 years depending on water usage and local water quality. The health benefits of consuming clean water are endless. With such a simple AquaTru™, there is never any reason to drink contaminated water.

AquaTru Water pitcher where to buy

How AquaTru Water Invented?

The idea for AquaTru™ arose from the desire for pure drinking water without the financial expense or cost to the environment. For over 20 years, AquaTru™ inventor, Peter Spiegel, used a professionally installed, under-the-sink, reverse osmosis (RO) system to create pure drinking water in his home and office, but under-the-sink systems are extremely bulky and costly to purchase, install and maintain. Peter knew there had to be a way to build an affordable, countertop RO water purifier that could be used right out of the box. After countless prototypes and over 5 years of working with a fantastic team of engineers and industrial designers, the AquaTru™ countertop RO water purifier is here.


  • AquaTru™ works on a 12 Volt adaptor, it can easily ship it with your country’s appropriate adaptor.
  • It will cost about $60 to replace all three filters.
  • It takes between 12 and 15 minutes to filter a gallon of water.
  • AquaTru Water takes up a little more counter space than a pod coffee maker.
  • AquaTru™ effectively removes 90% or more of the Fluoride in water.
  • This purifier is available for pre-order
  • No plumbing is required you can put it where ever you want: garage, workspace.


  • You have to carefully go through this AquaTru™, pay a lot of attention and follow the methods and techniques discussed in it without changing. This may provide difficult for some people.
  • A few customers choose to have a stores or shop to purchase the AquaTru™ which is more concrete as compared to reviewing an electronic gadget. Nevertheless, it’s not truly a downside given that you might just see this as online purchase only.

AquaTru Water advanced water purification pitcher


Overall, AquaTru™ is highly recommended! It is Beyond Filtration using this product you can save money. Drink safely and save the environment. AquaTru™ it is the time to join the water revolution. It is a great alternative for those who are satisfied with removing the most common impurities in their water supply. This water filter is also light weight, an efficient, effective and essential thing in your life. This will beneficial not for you only and also helps the life of your beloved ones. If you are serious about having clean drinking water, I strongly recommend AquaTru™. Try this reverse osmosis (RO) system to create pure drinking water in your home and office.


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