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The female breasts are a wonderful thing. Our cultural fascination with breasts is evidenced in numerous ways. We’re all a bit breast-obsessed, men and women alike. And why not? Breast play is present in most sexual play. They are also one of the most important erogenous zones on the female body. However, I can tell you from my years of experience that for most guys, their obsession with breasts hasn’t gotten them too far. That is to say, it hasn’t exactly made them any better at actually touching breasts. In fact I suspect that it’s a relatively safe bet you could fit just about everything you know about breast stimulation on an index card.

Well, all that is about to change.

Breast Sex Ever is going to present you with a number of different techniques for completely maxing out her arousal during any sexual experience, all through different forms of breast stimulation. First, they’ll touch on all the many reasons that breasts are important for foreplay and hot sex, how they have become so important in our culture, and, most importantly, how you can use their significance to completely makeover your sex life and come off like an overnight Casanova.

Okay, okay. Maybe not overnight. It could take a cycle or two for you to figure out all the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of your woman’s body. But you will get there. I’m going to make sure of it.

What’s the deal with breasts?

Breasts are many things. They are sexually exciting, an erogenous zone, and they also feed and give life to babies. For a lot of guys the breasts are an amazing, fascinating body part.

Breasts are uniquely human. Not in their capacity to feed a child, of course. That’s a mammalian thing, any furry thing can do it. But in the fact that they are, well, out there. All the time. While women’s breasts do swell even bigger during pregnancy, we are the only species where they don’t disappear after. That they are a huge part of Western culture should be obvious by the billboards and magazine ads and just about everywhere else, where breasts are prominently displayed.

Part of that is cultural, for sure. There are many places in the world where topless women are not a big deal and breasts aren’t seen as necessarily, inherently sexual. But even in these places breasts still play a role in sexual foreplay and pleasure. Quite a big role, if the research has anything to say about it.

Both in terms of hormones and neurobiology, we know that the breasts play a massive role in sexual arousal as well as increasing bonding between partners. Masters and Johnson found that a woman’s breasts get bigger when she is aroused, plus there are a number of changes to the areola and the nipples as well. Different parts of the breast produce different sensations and you will find that different techniques work better at certain times of the month than others.

Several scientific studies have determined clearly that men look at breasts and butts when they are attracted to women. The eyes are drawn to these parts of the body, areas known to change when a woman hits puberty.

But breasts are so much more than just signifiers of a woman’s adulthood and curvaceous nature. Stimulation of the breasts not only increases arousal, but her nipples are a hot button for her oxytocin release mechanism. Oxytocin is generally referred to as the “cuddling hormone” because it’s released during just about all kinds of skin on skin contact, this is a basic bonding hormone, bringing about all those amazing lovey-dovey feelings we all enjoy basking in after a great romp.

It sounds a bit strange, but some women experience orgasm-like pleasure during breastfeeding. Those bonding hormones aren’t just for couples, they work wonders for mother and child too. Oxytocin is released during breastfeeding and childbirth.

The name of this game is simple: pleasure doesn’t need to be sexual, but if you want something sexy, you better be focusing on the pleasure factor! Learning how to stimulate her breasts will give you the boost in skill and confidence to rock her world.



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