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TecAdemics Review

Product Name : TecAdemics
Creator Name : 
Chris Record
Official Website : 
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TecAdemics review reviews scam scams

TecAdemics is a global internet marketing college pioneered by Chris Record. With a theme of technology and academics convergence, TecAdemics is the first ever internet marketing college designed to teach online entrepreneurs on the best internet marketing practices while earning a commission at the same time.

Before we get to TecAdemics review, I think it is good enough for you to familiarize yourself with Chris Record, the owner of TecAdemics, that’s if you don’t know much about him already.

About Chris Record

When I first saw Chris Record on the stage of Empower Network in 2013, I knew he had something good in store coming. Eventually, it has dawned on us. From the slightest look at the guy, anyone could tell that the dude was going to reach higher heights soon. And today, he is a top online entrepreneur with an 8 figure income and most respected.

After launching a number of info-products that turned out successful, such as Dark Post Profits, today he is a multi-millionaire.

Chris Record has worked with plenty of other top names such as Jim Piccolo who launched a number of online colleges in the sector of real estate and earned billions of dollars. Even though Chris Record’s online educational program isn’t a network marketing firm, he has made it possible for the company’s members to get a pay slip by taking part in TecAdemics affiliate program. You’ll learn more about that in a moment.

So many participants are on board, including big names such as Vick Strizheus, Troy Shanks, Justin Verrengia, Peter Sorenson and Frank Calabro.


What TecAdemics Entails

As said before, TecAdemics aims at enhancing the entrepreneurial knowledge of internet marketers so they can multiply their income a hundredfold. The program has several levels that offer education to the members on three scales.

The internet marketing world is a very dynamic place and concepts are changing with sunrise. Internet and social media marketing strategies are taking a completely different turn which has affected the growth and scaling of online business by entrepreneurs. So many entrepreneurs are struggling to implement contemporary strategies and marketing concepts with true results.

Chris Record noted that the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs are as a result of nothing other than lack of high quality and structured online entrepreneurship education in the industry. TecAdemics (Internet Marketing College) is specifically formulated to fill the gap or void in the industry by offering high quality education to entrepreneurs.

The program’s courses are taught by professionals who not only understand the theory bit but also are experts at practicing what they teach. Since they are practicing whatever they teach, each time they are able to come up with the most up to date concepts that are applicable in the market.

Moreover, TecAdemics classes are consistently updated and uniquely structured and presented to facilitate learning, retention as well as success of the students. Chris Record says that this program will open a new page in the world of entrepreneurship by empowering every entrepreneur with the essential knowledge to change their internet marketing game plan.

The Solution to Entrepreneurship Problem

The problem with the world of online entrepreneurship is loads of information which finally end up confusing entrepreneurs. Each day a new product or software ventures in with the promise of multiplying the returns of entrepreneurs by a hundredfold. I’ve been a victim of such tricks, bought and even promoted the products. Looking back at the loads of products I’ve tried out, it all dawns to so much confusing information without a proper direction of what is aimed and how it is going to be achieved.

TecAdemics comes in with a completely different approach to solve the problem of information overload. The program employs something referred to as Instructional System Design (ISD). This is a taxonomy that’s used by all major universities globally to teach students with regard to science of education.

What TecAdemics did was to assemble curriculum developers with experience from the top universities and taught them about the up to date methods employed by the highly successful online entrepreneurs. This gave rise to a learning technology (Tec) and a brand new class of internet marketing educational program that makes use of mastery learning techniques (Ademics).

What you see here then is bridging of the gap existing between traditional learning practices and the ‘guru’ education practice. That’s the solution that TecAdemics is all about. On my personal perspective, this is something that I’m proud to be associated with. It entails a breakdown of actually what is taught, how it taught and why it is different from the rest.


TecAdemics Educational Program Levels

The program members and students from around the globe attending the classes. Let’s have a look at the three products:

  1. TEC

This is The Entrepreneur Club, TecAdemics basic program level. At a price of $100 per month you get access to a lot of the benefits that the club has to offer, including access to the online forum and discuss entrepreneurial issues with like-minded marketers.

TEC offers foundational education which also features weekly training, participation I interactive forums and interaction with the highly qualified online tutors. Actually, it’s not a place flooded with rookies as I first thought before joining it. Trust me, there’s nothing as annoying as a place fully loaded with newbies who are expecting to learn from one another. TEC is NOT that place!

You will have access to different topics from which you can choose what to learn. These include:

  • Internet marketing.

  • E-commerce

  • Facebook advertisement

  • Leads generation

  • Google Adwords

  • YouTube marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Social media presence

  • Dropshipping, etc.


Next on the list of products is Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training going at a onetime fee of $2,000.

This is a collection of advanced study courses that go in deeper depth, mostly suitable for advanced marketers.

Basically, IMPACT is a video taught by Chris Record himself… so you get the chance to move at your desired pace. There will be lesson mastery as well as quizzes before the future lessons are unlocked. It’s actually more of an educational experience. You advance to the next level after successfully tackling your current level. Let’s say it is more academia!


This is TecAdemics top shelf program level offered at a onetime fee of $10,000. This program includes a training session lasting for a week in Arizona scheduled every 3 months.

MASTER Tuition is meant for those tech marketers who are ready to make partnerships and collaborations with the realest in marketing game. At this level, people are presented with a chance to interact one on one and receive mentorship from people that are at the top of their entrepreneurial game. It is a real life training and mentorship.

As a student of the Master Tuition, you’ll get a 90 minute class sessions for 6 hours lasting for a period of 5 days. Moreover, a virtual counsellor will be assigned to offer you guidance on choosing the most appropriate course.

Basically, the Master Tuition is the next closest thing that can give you a real experience of a classroom- with the only exception being that your professors are simply experts who are best at practicing what they teach.

TecAdemics Affiliate Program

What I find more interesting and love the most about TecAdemics is their openness to rewarding its affiliates on the sales made. The structure of their commission payment plan is completely different from any other I’ve ever used.

Just to break it down to you, you stand a chance to either earn 20% or 40% commission on your sales. For the first two sales, you get 20% of commission while your enroller gets 20% (you split the 40% commission between you). Each of the 5th sale is also passed to your enroller. You get full 40% commission on the remaining sales.

Other than the affiliate program, TecAdemics also has another way for its affiliates to earn bountiful bonuses, referred to as the Matching Bonus.

About the Matching Bonus

Matching bonus comes in two versions, the $100,000 and the $1,000,000 matching bonus.

  1. $100,000 matching bonus

Under this category, when your total affiliate commission earned hits the $100,000 mark in a period of three years, TecAdemics gives you another $100,000 bonus payment in cash. The payment goes directly to your pay card and is done only once.

  1. The $1,000,000 Matching bonus

The Matching bonus also hits again when you reach the $1,000,000 mark worth of affiliate commissions in 3 years. TecAdemics gives you another $1,000,000 matching bonus payment directly to your pay card. Now that is amazing!

From the look of things, it seems like serious individuals with great affiliate potential will be on board. And that particularly makes sense as there’s already big names on board contesting for the big matching bonus mark. Take note, there’s no competition between the affiliates. The only competition lies within yourself and as soon as you hit the mark, you get your matching bonus. NO competition with other affiliates.



To sum thing up, you’ve read this review and probably many others online. It’s upon you to make the decision on whether to continue with your methods which even if they bring you the profits, but not as much as you’d want to get.

If you want a new approach of things and change your game plan, TecAdemics is at your service. What’s more, you not only get to learn but also earn bountifully through its affiliate program and matching bonuses. Much has been said now it’s time to get things done!


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SEOPressor Connect Review

Official Website: CLICK HERE


If you are a blogger running a WordPress website, you already know that search engine optimization (SEO) is really important to increase your search engine rankings. It basically means taking your remedies to the people who really need to get them – to make it more visible. Once you do this, it automatically translates on your blog.

One thing to make sure while using this plug-in is that it will not be a one-click solution to all your marketing problems. You will still need to work on marketing your site better. However, you will get undeniable benefits and features that far outperforms other alternatives.

In this review, I will tell you how I personally was helped by SEOPressor Connect. Read my honest review to learn all about this plug-in that everybody is talking about.

What is SEOPressor Connect is all about?

SEOPressor Connect is actually a well-known page optimization plug-in which is often compared with SEO Yoast. It has got rave reviews on all major forums and is much loved by users. It is currently accessed by over 128,000 bloggers. This tells you all you need to know about this plug-in a nutshell.

SEOPressor Connect’s main function is that it contains all the necessary things you need to make your page rank higher. This includes adding snippets, making your page exactly as optimized as is required and making it social media ready. This has a number of features than SEO Yoast. Honestly, I was astonished to see that this was so much more than just on-page optimization.

About the results – Does it really work?

SEOPressor Connect works because it removes the manual factor associated with the handling. Previously you might have had to work with SEO analysts and page optimizers to understand what keywords to use and how often to use them. With SEOPressor, those days will be history.

It has its own LSI suggestion list which suggests you the keywords that fit your posts. It also prompts you when you over optimize your site, so that your hard work doesn’t go in vain.

Previously I used to struggle with on page optimization, unable to realize that I have over-optimized it. After I started using it, I got better SERP rankings and seriously, if you want to improve your rankings and visibility on the search engines, then SEOPressor Connect is an excellent tool to use.

SEOPressor Connect free download

But why would I even need SEOPressor Connect?

You are probably wondering why you need it. I wasn’t sure I needed a new page optimizer until I tried it. The thing with the old optimizers is that they are all outdated and in the last few years, Google has already launched new features and algorithms like Penguin and Panda.

Your site needs more updated plug-ins that will integrate these new features to enrich your blog. SEOPressor Connect’s 5th version has included all smart features to make sure that your blog passes Google’s algorithm and gets higher rankings. It has added some features like adding star rating in Google, etc, which work miraculously in your favor.

When features like these are combined to back a blog, there’s no way you can miss out on high rankings:

  • Automatic keyword beautifying: SEOPressor detects your keywords and automatically bolds it or makes it richer by adding italic to it. The search engines love it when you do that. The bots which scan your site give preferential treatment to the bolded keywords. So it is an added plus. Also, the SEOPressor software actually detects and adds H1, H2, and H3 tags wherever necessary.
  • Smart linking automatically: You want your audience to check out another page which you wrote on similar lines. Earlier you had to do this by manually adding the HTML tags to your content and linking it with content on your site. Now with SEOPressor, it can be done automatically. As soon as it detects some keywords which you used in the past for another article for your website, it automatically adds an HTML link with it.Note: Interlinking helps reduce the bounce rate on your web page. They are also another top factor to rank on Google. It is essential that you link your old content with new pages that you are adding.
  • Affiliate cloaking: Affiliate links taking up a lot of your page? Are you losing viewers because of the affiliate link that looks long and ugly? Just cloak it. SEOPressor allows you to do just that.
  • Social Optimization: It allows you to add Twitter cards and Facebook Open Graph as well. This way it allows you to increase your visibility on social media platforms as well.
  • LSI analysis: LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is an important factor but ignored by many newbie bloggers. LSI typically gives you a list of many long tail keywords which are analyzed by the keywords that people search on the search engines. Using them you can automatically increase your rankings and the results almost show instantly.
  • Eye catching snippets: Have you seen those sites online which display reviews and ratings and sometimes also a small snippet? Those are the things that attract the users. Using them you can ensure that traffic always follows your site.

Basically, all the on-page content optimization will be done by this plug-in. I was really happy because this freed up more time for me to concentrate on my content. The keyword and optimization worries were all left to this plug-in and it did really work!

How much will it cost me?

SEOPressor Connect contains a list of features which no other SEO plug-in gives you so far. This is why this plug-in comes with a pricing of $9 / month.

It comes with a lifetime free update – so you don’t have to worry about spending too much on this plug-in either. If you are serious about your SEO rankings, you might already have thought about hiring an SEO analyst. Come to think of it, SEOPressor Connect is much cheaper and faster.

I strongly suggest you give SEOPressor a try. No other plug-in will be as much effective as this one.

SEOPressor Connect plugin review

So is it really worth buying?

In short, it is!

SEOPressor Connect is like your one-stop destination for all SEO related requirements. The reason I recommend this plug-in so highly is because you will get everyone to one place – right from social media snippet arrangement to on-page SEO optimization. You can really give the content the real focus that it deserves with this plug-in.

Do not miss this opportunity to make your blog bigger and reach out to a number of people.

SEOPressor Connect wordpress plugin

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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

SEOPressor Connect discount

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 does SEOPressor Connect work

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ASINspector Pro Review

Read our Asinspector Pro Review & find out whether this product research tool is still the best research tool in 2015.

Product Name: Asinspector

Author Name: Lowell Rempel

Official Website: CLICK HERE

asinspector review

Are you struggling with make money with Amazon? Asinspector Software is suitable for you if you’re currently suffering from amazon business failure, Amazon Shopify E-com Research Tool which is created by Lowell Rempel. From this software learning how to do this properly will it enable you to start instantly calculates the currency of the platform you are searching on without any adjustments. It is best proven method so very safe product. In this software discover for yourself easiest tool You never used to do as much research just because of how long it would take. This software You are now able to list 2-3 additional products a week on your Shopify stores.

What is Asinspector?

The Asinspector software is designed to bring you all the benefits of amazon product profits with greater simplest and easy way. Asinspector gives you a practical, easy-to-follow software you can use today for instantly make huge money with amazon.

Asinspector also includes detailed descriptions of how quickly know who is the best seller of any product and if there’s room for competition. It currently works in multiple countries From Canada to the UK instantly calculates the currency of the platform you are searching on without any adjustments. This super effective tool You’ll Be able to know what other competitors are selling the product for such as Walmart or Ebay instantly with one click.

It is detailed, descriptive, Powerful Amazon, Shopify, E-Com Research Tool To Find New Trends, Products and Find Out What Your Competitors and Make Researching Amazon Just Got A Whole Lot Easier, able to Extract rank, sales volume, estimated revenue, find out where it is being sold on other sites.” From this software you can instantly and easily source the cost and availability of product on Aliexpress, Alibaba or E-bay to see if it’s worthwhile competing in that niche in seconds.

  • Know Best Seller Ranks
  • Instantly know every category/ node a particular item is listed in.
  • Source the Product Quickly
  • Revenue Estimator
  • Instantly know Ratings
  • Product Pricing
  • You can use it on multiple computers with your licensing.

asinspector pro free download

Features Inside Find From Asinspector:

  • Discover how to makes it very easy assisting/ researching your listing and gives you intel of what nodes you should be focusing on.
  • This software Easily source the cost and availability of product on Aliexpress, Alibaba or E-bay to see if it’s worthwhile competing in that niche in seconds.
  • Know estimated monthly sales volume instantly to see if it’s worth competing with on your e-com site or selling platform.
  • Integrates into your Google Chrome browser as an extension, streamlining your product research.  Extract rank.
  • Known sales volume, estimated revenue, find out where it is being sold on other sites, source product and more without ever exiting your browser.
  • With this amazing Asinspector, You’ll Be able to know what other competitors are selling the product for such as Walmart or Ebay instantly with one click.


  • Lowell’s guide discover which product should you sell on amazon find products in high demand.
  • From this software you will experience immediate results the very first time you go through the software.
  • It is user friendly program and it saves your money and valuable time.
  • It is easy to follow and to understand so safe to use.
  • In this software rapidly raise your business and getting huge profits for you.
  • Cash in on this hot product in a major niche that is growing rapidly.
  • The Asinspector software is easy to order and easy to download, no waiting for a delivery.
  • You may find coupon discount on the official website.


  • The software requires total commitment in order to achieve credible results. This means you have to be dedicated and follow all the methods suggested without relapse.
  • The software available only here.

asinspector discount

Bottom Line:

It is highly recommend and effective software for everyone. It is very professional product and best choice for you. Asinspector is highly effective and many people have accomplished their desired results. Thousands have reported positive results through the many Asinspector reviews found. The software is backed by a Full 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not happy with it, you get a full refund, no questions asked. Try this risk free and investment free software!


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1) Affiliate Black Book 3.0 (Worth $197)

The Mercenary Guide to Kicking Ass and Taking Names on Anybody’s Turf The ultimate guide to more fun, profit, and mayhem. The Affiliate Black Book is an explosive compilation of material guaranteed to give you an advantage against all comers.

2) The Super Funnel (Worth $97)

Discover How a Drunken Bet Uncovers $2,356 Per Day Income Stream using A Simple “Copy & Profit” Template And 100% Automated Free Traffic

3) Untapped Traffic Giant (Worth $97)

You Are About To Discover The Untapped Giant Traffic Source That Will Deliver Massive Amounts of Quality Traffic for Free!

4) Authority Site Secrets (Worth $495)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to build an Authority Site that spits out cash from Amazon, Adsense and Clickbank, but you just don’t know how to get started the right way?

5) Internet Traffic Formula (Value $1497)

Internet Traffic Formula is the NEWEST & LATEST course on how to get traffic to your website AND convert your traffic into sales by internet millionaire Vick Strizheus.


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The Rich Jerk Review

The Rich Jerk Review – Stop Don’t Buy until Read My The Rich Jerk 2016 Review. Does it Really Work or Scam? The Truth inside.

Product Name: The Rich Jerk

Product Creator: Kelly Felix

Official Website: CLICK HERE

the rich jerk 2.0 2015 review

The Rich Jerk Review:

If you are wanting to make money online and work from the comfort of your home then you have found the perfect training site to help guide you down the right path.There are many work-from-home programs on the Internet today that will promise you the world, however, most of these programs don’t deliver on their promises. Most likely you’ll end up joining a work-from-home program that just takes your money and leaves you with nothing.If you are looking to start making money with a legitimate work-from-home opportunity I highly suggest you look into this online coaching club.

The Rich Jerk aka Kelly Felix was just another marketer who is making money from home. After being broke and jobless, he found a solution to help his family. In his time of desperation, Kelly’s began to develop a system that could make him money from the comfort of his own home online. He always focused on this system and used it to become an Internet marketing millionaire! This very same system he used that brought Kelly’s his millions serves as the foundation for the development. A system for making money from home.

What is The Rich Jerk 2.0 System?

It is a uniquely selected internet marketing club and membership site. Members of the club get full access to fabulous content and strategies relating to making money online. The content is mainly in video format how to apply many income streams. There are over 65 videos that provide all members with easy to follow, step-by-step tuition and training. The membership content includes tutoring on many topics including:

1. Master Training– Members learn the core processes and techniques behind The Rich Jerk system. The videos will show you exactly how to maintain and develop your online marketing business from starting position and into a steady cash-generating machine.

2. Quick Money Blueprints– These quick and easy blueprints are straight forward and easy to learn and apply.

3. Skill Set Videos– These videos will help you to develop your expertise necessary to become successful at making money online. Members will gain valuable knowledge like competitive intelligence, affiliate marketing, free traffic generation, click bank, and website building and blogs.

4. Mindset teaching– One of the most challenging aspects of being successful online is keeping your head in the game and staying in control. There are always challenges and setbacks so it’s important to keep the right mindset.

5. Bonus Goodies– The Rich Jerk New members also get access to a bundle of bonus items including your own website, insider making money reports, niche locates, and a lot more.

How Does The Program Work?

The Rich Jerk program basically teaches its users an effective method of doing affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing’s premise works by promoting other people’s products online and getting commissions from each sale you complete. Affiliate marketing offers a number of advantages over other online marketing forms.

First, affiliate marketing does not require you to buy the product, and starting an affiliate business requires little or no startup capital. Here, you also don’t need to deal with nasty or noisy customers, as well as get verbally abused for an assortment of customer or product complaints. The Rich Jerk free pdf download program works by providing you with step-by-step video-based training sessions.

Many believe this is the best way to teaching people how to implement an affiliate marketing campaign. Besides applying a step-b-step training system, you will also have access to a program that’s referred to as the Quick Money Blueprint. Through this innovative program, you’ll be able to generate more income online in just a couple of days. This blueprint should serve as your short-term strategy for making money on the Web.

the rich jerk is back 2105 pdf download


  • It is entirely possible to earn back your initial cost within three to five days — this depends on how quickly you can review the course materials.
  • No steep learning curve.
  • No telemarketing or personal selling.
  • Almost infinitely scalable — start small and go BIG when you are ready.
  • Learn much-sought-after and highly-marketable skills that may be utilized to secure “offline” employment.
  • Many surprising and highly-prized, little-to-no-cost guerilla marketing techniques taught.
  • The extensive video instruction makes learning as easy as watching TV.
  • Learn well and you will be able to produce a six-figure annual income — enough to provide for you and your family for the rest of your life.


  • Despite the fact that Kelly has imitators whose courses sell for $300.00–$2,000.00, persons presently having difficulties making ends meet may have a problem paying the nearly $100 price tag.
  • Kelly can teach you what you need to know, but he will not do the work for you. You must apply what he teaches to be successful.
  • Price is not guaranteed and is subject to increase, so it may cost more than stated here.

Is This The Rich Jerk 2.0 A Scam?

With so many affiliate marketing systems and programs to choose from today, sometimes it’s hard verifying which one is the best for you, and exactly which one is a scam. So is The Rich Jerk system a scam? Well, The Rich Jerk complaints offer not just a training and mentoring system for you to learn the most effective affiliate marketing techniques. It also has a club where members can leverage their experiences and knowledge from each other.

24-Hour, 7-days A week Customer Support

This affiliate marketing system also offers it member a 24-hour on-going support service, so all you need is just send them an email, and they’ll quickly respond to your queries or concerns. You’ll even be lucky to get a response from Kelly himself.

The good thing about this system is that the 24-hour support service would help beginner affiliates to thresh out minor quirks, and be able to quickly put their affiliate campaigns on the right track in the soonest possible time. With using the system, you need not waste time going through a series of trials and errors, because all you need to do is simply follow the steps, and implement the right steps, which have been tried and tested by no less than experienced affiliate marketers.

the rich jerk review bonus

I have been making at least $500 a day using this system.

Bottom Line:

Making money online is not that quick and easy, as what other so-called Internet marketing gurus will tell you. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you exactly need to know what you’re doing, and which direction you’re headed to. The Rich Jerk is Back 2.0 program will effectively teach you updated and feasible money-making techniques and strategies. With using this system, you’ll become a disciplined and focused affiliate marketer, and you’ll also have a wide array of strategies and methods to choose from.

Once you join The Rich Jerk club, and remember to follow the system step by step, and build a solid foundation, you’ll be able to choose your niche and properly market your chosen products and services to promote. With The Rich Jerk system, affiliate marketing should be a breeze, and you’ll have all the confidence and coaching you need, and you won’t need to fear about treading into uncharted waters again.

So what you are waiting for? Go ahead and download your copy below:

download quantum vision system

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1) Affiliate Black Book 3.0 (Worth $197)

The Mercenary Guide to Kicking Ass and Taking Names on Anybody’s Turf The ultimate guide to more fun, profit, and mayhem. The Affiliate Black Book is an explosive compilation of material guaranteed to give you an advantage against all comers.

2) The Super Funnel (Worth $97)

Discover How a Drunken Bet Uncovers $2,356 Per Day Income Stream using A Simple “Copy & Profit” Template And 100% Automated Free Traffic

3) Untapped Traffic Giant (Worth $97)

You Are About To Discover The Untapped Giant Traffic Source That Will Deliver Massive Amounts of Quality Traffic for Free!

4) Authority Site Secrets (Worth $495)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to build an Authority Site that spits out cash from Amazon, Adsense and Clickbank, but you just don’t know how to get started the right way?

5) Internet Traffic Formula (Value $1497)

Internet Traffic Formula is the NEWEST & LATEST course on how to get traffic to your website AND convert your traffic into sales by internet millionaire Vick Strizheus.


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Publish Academy Review

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Product: Publish Academy

Product Creator: Anik Singal

Price: $2997

Official Website: CLICK HERE

Publish Academy Review

Publish Academy Review:

Publish Academy is one of the most hyped but successful type of program ever created, it teaches about being successful in online money making. The mainstay of the program is how to become a super affiliate in online marketing, it shows how a person can actually do marketing online and generate a stable income to the tune of thousands dollars. Affiliate marketing can make one to succeed and rise and start earning thousands of dollars in a short time, the program is properly articulated to demonstrate and illustrate every method in excelling in online marketing, it also offers the learners opportunities of interacting with other successful affiliate marketers.

Who Is Anik Singal?

Publish Academy live

Anik Singal is one of the most well-known and respected leaders in the online marketing industry. Now, you may be saying to yourself “Great. Another Guru who is releasing an expensive product so he can take advantage of people who are new to Internet marketing”, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, if you do your research you will realize that Anik is one of the good guys who genuinely wants to help people to succeed and create a better life for themselves. But, I won’t go into much more about Anik and who he is and what he’s accomplished, because if you’re interested in online marketing, then you likely already know a lot about him. Let’s delve deep into the Publish Academy review.

What is Publish Academy?

Publish Academy is an online training program which has been created by Anik Singal; the program is geared towards teaching on how to succeed in affiliate marketing and make real time money? The program is actually a road map leading the users to success; it comes in well-structured modules from one to thirteen with each module teaching about specific steps. It shows users how to plan from scratch about affiliate marketing and step by step, the traffic generation strategy and everything to the accomplishment level.

The program comes in step-by-step guide and modules where a subscriber learns well-arranged modules of online marketing; it’s unique since in this program Anik Singal has laid down every step in a very clear and understandable manner. Every step leads to another enabling the user to get a clear grasp of what is being learned, it provides a marketer with vital steps on where to start and where to move next without being stuck mid-way. The modules of the course starts from module one which teaches on how to set own business, other modules goes on from one step to another till module thirteen which teaches on the final test before going live online.

Here are the modules of the course:

  • Module One: Setting Up Your Business
  • Module Two: Writing Killer Emails
  • Module Three: Case Study in Detail
  • Module Four: Time to Get Traffic!
  • Module Five: Promoting Launches & Creating Big Pay Days
  • Module Six: Phase 1 — Now What?
  • Module Seven: Researching Niches
  • Module Eight: Building Your 5X Funnel
  • Module Nine: Creating Bonuses for Conversion
  • Module Ten: Product Creation
  • Module Eleven: Creating Sales Material
  • Module Twelve: Setting Up & Going LIVE
  • Module Thirteen: Test & Go LIVE!

As you can see, the course is a road map for the path to success. It starts you at the beginning of your journey, and tells you the essentials that you’ll need to start. Then you’re educated on the best ways to get traffic and how to convert that traffic into buying customers. It’s all laid out here in a simple and easy to understand course for beginners as well as veterans who are looking for more.

Analysis of the Training Program

Clearly this isn’t one of those traditional training programs that send you a PDF or a few videos and never look back how you are doing. It is a complete practical training program that will take you step-wise from first phase to the last phase of your business.

There are several learning materials that you get access to in the course for instance live sessions, videos, PDFs, case studies and much more. This means Publish Academy is a training program for everyone. There are a lot of people who don’t like watching videos, there are others who don’t like reading PDFs so Anik has done well by adding multiple ways to teach his students.

The content of the course is really awesome and everything that you learn inside the member’s area is practically applicable. The content of the course comes directly from Anik’s practical experiences so everything is factual and practically applicable.

Not only that you will learn techniques, methods and strategies to earn massive income from internet but you will get access to secret limited resources.

Here is what you should expect from Publish Academy:

  • You will create your own website, landing pages, squeeze pages and other marketing pages. You will get access to builder that will help you create pages on autopilot with extreme ease.
  • You will learn all about email marketing and how to build your own list of subscribers.
  • Monetizing your website and making money from it.
  • Traffic generation is something that you cannot go without. You will learn all about solo ads, Facebook traffic, paid traffic, SEO, traffic from forums and from kindle publishing.
  • How to create your own funnel.
  • Everything you need to know to create your own digital product from scratch.
  • Taking your business to the next level by outsourcing and putting everything on autopilot.
  • By the end of the 12 week training session, you will have your own website and you will be in a position to generate traffic, build your own list and make money from it.
  • Of course, this doesn’t just end here.
  • While you learn everything practically, at the same time, you get all the free as well as paid resources that you need to succeed.
  • All in all, the content of the course and the entire training program is simply splendid. It is based on methods that are sure to work for everyone who will try.


After researching Publish Academy, here are the advantages we found:

  • Quality support is offered
  • The program yields real results
  • The program is designed so that you can adopt a number of approaches to affiliate marketing in function of what works best for you.
  • The information is relevant and up to date.
  • The course is very comprehensive.
  • Private members have access to more content.
  • You can easily contact Anik and his team via email, webinars and events.


  • Do not expect affiliate marketing to make you rich overnight. You will have to follow the course for 12 weeks, which requires some time and effort to get results.

the publish academy review

Bottom Line:

Publish Academy is probably the best affiliate marketing program out there. That’s especially true when it’s stacked up against the competition. This is a complete coaching program that does what it promises.The program is set up in such a way that it is not only appropriate for newbies but also for intermediate and experienced marketers.

Note: Anik said that once the members area is filled with the targeted number of members he is going to take the offer down. So if you really want to learn from a real guru and a honest marketer this is your chance. Don’t miss it!


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1) Super Affiliate Strategies Class  (Worth $1997)


“Discover the Insider Secrets To Becoming The Next Super Affiliate!” Here’s Exactly What’s In It For You As Part Of The Super Affiliate Strategies Class

2) The Rich Jerk (Worth $497)

The new program is focused on teaching many different methods to complete beginners as well as experienced marketers for making money through affiliate marketing. The program is taught by advisors of the original Rich Jerk though he also appears in all the videos.

3) The 67 Steps To Get Anything (Worth $497)

67 Steps To Getting Anything You Want Out Of Life: Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness… “How I Went From Broke To Buying A Lamborghini”!

4) Authority Site Secrets (Worth $495)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to build an Authority Site that spits out cash from Amazon, Adsense and Clickbank, but you just don’t know how to get started the right way?

5) Internet Traffic Formula (Value $1497)

Internet Traffic Formula is the NEWEST & LATEST course on how to get traffic to your website AND convert your traffic into sales by internet millionaire Vick Strizheus.


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Pixel Studio FX Review & Bonus

Product Name: Pixel Studio FX

Creator’s Name: Adeel Chowdary, Jimmy Kim & Ali Chowdary

Official Website: CLICK HERE

Pixel Studio FX

Pixel Studio FX is a web based software created by Adeel Chowdary, Jimmy Kim & Ali Chowdary that helps people create professional looking and eye-catching covers for their e-books. This program works with both PC’s and Mac’s and contains a variety of templates and features that people can use to create e-book covers that are unique to their own products. The most important part is you don’t need a photoshop at all.

When you create an e-book, you concentrate so much on the content that you are putting into it that you don’t give much thought to the outside graphics—until it’s time to put the finishing touches on it. At that time, you find yourself wondering how you’re going to make the cover of your e-book attractive enough so people will want to give it more than just a cursory look. Pixel Studio FX helps you put those finishing touches on your e-book that will make it look as professional on the outside as you have made it look on the inside.

Pixel Studio FX has features that not only give you the base graphics that you need to start designing your e-book cover, but also the modification features that you need to truly make the cover your own. The templates can be used to design e-covers, covers for pictures of a software box, or even covers for pictures of DVD’s or CD’s. There are so many templates included in this software program that it would take you a long time to use them all, if you ever really could.

People who have purchased and used Pixel Studio FX have reported back favorably. They say that the program integrates easily with any web browser and that it is very user-friendly. The vast amount of templates provided with the software are more than enough to keep even the choosiest person satisfied. For those who create information products on a regular basis, this could be a good program to add to your product-creation toolbox.


1) 116 Photoshop Actions Bundle


The bundle consists of 5 unique themed action sets for you to apply to your photos. Not only are they tried and tested, but work with all ranges of photography from commercial portraits to family holidays. Show off your photos, and give them that something extra.

2) Sales Graphics Rush 2.0

Attention! Are you looking to explode your sales through the gravity this year ?
Finally, transform your smelly, boring websites info unstoppable sales machines with 700+ new electrifying ” Copy And Paste ” sales page graphics! Sales Graphics Rush 2.0 – Boost Your Website Conversions Instantly With 700+ World-Class Sales Page Graphics !

3) Stunning Kindle Cover Megapack


Grab Full Private Label Right to All Never Been Released 60 High-Quality Kindle Templates and Sell This Profitable Product and Keep 100% of the Profits.

4) Giant Marketing Kit

Giant Marketing Kit is a very popular marketing kit firesales giant marketing kit is a very popular marketing kit firesales with thousands of happy customers. Giant Marketing Vol 1 & 2 kit crowned as JVZoo Pick Of the day, which proves that this product has a good quality.

5) Mascot Creator Bundle Vol.2

Create Unlimited SEXY Mascot Characthers in 15 Sec!
The Easiest Way to Create High Quality Mascot Characthers Like the PROs!


Just 3 Easy Steps to Claim Bonus:

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2. Check your Email and forward the receipt to my address:

3. Your FREE Bonus will be mailed directly to your Email within the next 24 hours.


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Pixel Studio FX
Pixel Studio FX Review
Pixel Studio FX Software
Pixel Studio FX Free Download
Pixel Studio FX Premium

Incredible Dream Machines Review & Free Bonus

Looking for Incredible Dream Machines? Read Incredible Dream Machines Review and learn how you can build your online business quickly and more profitably with this Incredible Dream Machines by Greg Jacobs & Tim Godfrey.

Product Name: Incredible Dream Machines

Product Author: Greg Jacobs & Tim Godfrey

Official Website: CLICK HERE


Incredible Dream Machines Review:

If you are not currently doing anything and are looking to start a business, then Crowdfunding is the perfect launch-pad for doing so. Incredible Dream Machines is revolutionary business approach will take you step by step to building your online business from scratch and scale it to millions of dollars. Incredible Dream Machines course you can start your own business and bringing in profit Quite quickly with little or no overhead. This program which shows users everything they need to know about traffic generation, outsourcing and scaling up their profits.

What Is Incredible Dream Machines?

It is one training program which stations around Crowdfunding. Incredible dream machines is the new way of doing crowdfunding. It contains information about crowdfunding from niche research to sourcing to lead gen to launch to follow up, delivery and going big time. It is one training program which stations around the crowdfunding strategy used by successful startups and kickstarter companies. It only takes those 5 steps to start a campaign that can generate thousands or even millions of dollars online with crowdfunding. The incredible dream machines methods promises to be 100% effective since they are based on huge knowledge from years of testing. This is a system that enables you to create your own machine to fund your dreams.

Does Incredible Dream Machines Works For You?

Incredible Dream Machines is the fastest and easiest approach on earth to build a colossal business, literally in a matter of weeks, which is something that anyone can do as there are zero barriers to entry. This is not your average crowd funding tutorial, but an innovative system on how to do that very effectively and faster, better than ever before. It is going to be 8 weeks of intense in depth training with personal support and software access which will be useful for both your online and offline business for years to come. It is also important to know that if you want a 7 figure business you will need to have a product or at least your own stock. Which increases the need for capital tremendously.

rocket (15)2

Few Step By Step Process Of Incredible Dream Machines:

  • Select Niche: After identifying a hungry crowd
  • Source Product: And sprinkle it with magic dust
  • Launch Campaign: Using proven high converting techniques
  • Deliver Products: build customer relations and prelaunch next product
  • Scale up: The secret sauce for building a colosal business.

Learn From Incredible Dream Machines:

  • It will teach you the secrets behind every single step and much more inside the 8 + weeks course.
  • Delivering the product and pre-sell your next.
  • Launching a successful high converting campaign.
  • The product teaches you how to make quick money in a unique and different way.
  • Scaling up and building a highly profitable business brand.
  • Learn how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. The method is simple, yet 90% of entrepreneurs usually forget it.
  • From this system you will learn how crowdfunding can do wonders in today’s business.

Positive Points:

  • It is a proven scientific business model that will teach you how to start from scratch from zero knowledge.
  • This is a exceptionally high quality training course teaching a proven business model that is relevant to all and easy to execute, even for newbies.
  • This system include wonderful customer support.
  • Sourcing the product like a PRO.
  • From this program identify a hungry crowd for your niche and product.
  • A brand new approach to doing business online with crowd funding your projects in full.

Negative Point:

  • The website can only be accessed with a stable internet connection. As a result, you can not access it if your internet connection is down or in areas without network coverage.

actual size

Bottom Line:

This is amazing! I highly recommend  Incredible Dream Machines system. Crowdfunding can be a very effective platform for these more complex products as well as crazy ideas – they regularly raise millions of dollars in funding and generate incredible profits for their creators. It is user-friendly and includes extensive help and educational resources. There are videos demonstrating the software as well as our support center by phone or email. It is an established and one of the more reputable system out there in the market. Good payouts and customer support. Try Incredible Dream Machines Now!

download quantum vision system

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Incredible Dream Machines

Incredible Dream Machines Review

Incredible Dream Machines Reviews

Incredible Dream Machines System

Incredible Dream Machines Scam

Steal My System Review & Bonus – Click Here!!

Welcome to my little blog dedicated to Steal My System Review and making sure you have all you need to succeed with my Special Steal My System bonus!!

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steal my system review

People who want to earn more money through internet marking can use this program. Steal My System is an internet marketing program to make millions of dollars in online through becoming a super affiliate. It provides step by step instruction, to takes it to another level by allowing you to learn for a lower cost and giving amazing explanations with best results. It offers you 100% money back guarantee as well as 100% legal product. It is very genuine, fully workable and trustworthy to get the profits. Steal My System is a complete marketing program developed by Steven. It provides users with the information and tools required to become a successful internet marketer.

What is Steal My System?

Honestly, Steal My System is really best guide for a newbie or for serious marketers that want to achieve financial freedom online as fast as possible. Steal My System comes with a free bonus e-book that shows you how to buy and sell websites as well as a 30-minute online consultancy call. This has proven to be one of the best ways to earn money and popularity in the internet marketing world. Although in my opinion, it suits beginners more than the very experienced. This is a step-by-step system that literally takes you by the hand and drags you down the path to earning money online. If you want to finally be able to take advantage of the Internet and make massive amounts of money, this system is for you.

Who is Steal My System Built For?

Steal My System is aimed at beginners and experience to the world of affiliate marketing. A working knowledge of computers and the internet is really all you need to get started the lessons and webinars take you through the process of making money through affiliate marketing slowly, informatively and in plenty of detail. If you are a particularly quick study then you might find videos a little cumbersome, but the information is digestible enough for even a complete novice to get a firm grip on the basics of affiliate marketing online. More experienced users can still benefit from the program with additional videos and tools helping you develop traffic flow and marketing strategies.


Features Of Steal My System:

  • The provided classes are live.
  • Each Webinar is loaded with secret details from beginning to end.
  • How to create a blog in 5 minutes.
  • This program is made up of easy actionable and achievable goals.
  • You can access to highly converting promotional emails, classified ads and Ad words campaigns.
  • It has powerful mentoring.

What Will You Discover From Steal My System?

  • From this program, you can learn the exact methods that have turned the author into a millionaire and be able to use them for your own business.
  • This is a golden opportunity for you to not just earn an enormous amount of money, but also, to be associated with some of the biggest names on the Internet.
  • You can learn how to set up a blog in as little as 5 minutes and learn how you can flip these same blogs for profit.
  • You can learn the ins and outs of internet marketing in real time. Steal My System offers an extremely user-friendly program for internet marketing.
  • It is highly recommended the anyone interested in internet marketing give this course a try and see for yourself.

Is Steal My System  Scam?

Regarding scam analysis of Steal My System , it can be said by looking at the response that this program is useful for any user who is genuinely looking for profits. The team of Internet Marketing With Steal My System has also come up with a dedicated support so that the users of this program can get help on any issues related to usage or operation of this program. This program is designed this way and there are thousands and thousands of people who fall for this every single time and it is only fueling their bank accounts. This system is not a scam very legitimate and very honest program.


  • Steal My System offers an extremely user-friendly program for internet marketing.
  • It is advisable to follow the training live as it helps you to solve the problem which you might encounter during the process.
  • It is available all the time on the internet hence whenever you need any guidelines regarding any issue, you can just play the videos.
  • It is very useful to get the profit from internet marketing.
  • It offers you with 60 days money back guarantee.

Cons :

  • Without an internet connection, you cannot access this program.


Bottom Line:

Overall, I definitely recommend you get Steal My System. Not only you will receive valuable webinars where you will be able to ask live questions, you will also receive all the tools and resources you need to make sure you online business is built properly and professionally. I recommend this program for beginners and intermediates. Beginners will get valuable lessons on exactly how to make money online whereas the intermediates will enjoy the free tools and resources available to make their current online business more reputable. So there you go, I hope you enjoy my in-depth review of Steal My System.

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