Click Intensity Review

Looking for an honest Click Intensity Review? I explain how I got involved with Click Intensity, read my entire review for my true opinion.

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Click Intensity review

Anybody who wants to earn online in their spare time, must have come across a lot of scams and frauds in their search for a viable earning potential. It is no doubt that there are a certain fringe elements that make this line of work utterly suspicious for many. If you have come here to find out about one such online earning portal, called Click Intensity, then bang on, you have come to the right place.

There is a lot of buzz going around about a recent new portal called Click Intensity in the market. Is it scam? Is it legit? What is it all about? I will be answering all of these questions in this review. Many of my readers have been asking me to review this system as it is going to launch very soon. So I finally took the time to make a detailed research about this program. Here’s what I learnt.

What Click Intensity is all about?

You might have already come across the different Paid to Click (PTC), Revshare and affiliate marketing sites. All of these work in different ways and there are a myriad ways to earn through them. However, Click Intensity has got this unique idea of combining all of these into one single platform.

The basic idea is that on their website, you will be able to earn by the PTC method, and by answering surveys and watching videos. It does not end here though; the unique thing about this website is that it will have a lot more features than the normal Revshare sites. There will be MLM earning opportunity, Affiliate earning and many more – all under one single site.

As of now, we know that this platform is all set to launch on March 16, 2016 and as they always say, the early bird gets the worm; the same is true for this website. There has been a lot of marketing around this product and they even have their own Click Intensity Facebook Group where all the prospective and interested members have banded together as a community sharing ideas and information.

This entire concept is the idea of Nick Johnson, who is the CEO and Owner of the platform. Though the product is in the state of pre-launch and it will officially launch on the 16th of March – what is surprising is that on its Facebook group we have already seen over 4,000 people joined and counting.

How does the Click Intensity system work actually?

The system works in many ways. In fact, there are more than one ways of earning through this system. But first let’s make this clear – this system will charge you $25 for packages. However, you can also choose to be a FREE member and not invest until you are completely assured of their reliability. However, with the packages schemes they have, you will easily be able to get back $30 ROI with your $25 investment.

This is because this system runs with 7 deep-level MLM structure. There are in short, 5 ways to earn through this website and they are:

  • Completing Cash tasks: Both paid members, as well as the free members, will be given cash tasks to earn in Dollars. However, the paid members being deemed more serious to earn will be given more cash tasks.
  • Profit Shares: For every $25, you will get 1 profit share with the company and you will get paid $25 until it becomes $30 and/or expires. The upper limit to acquiring shares is 4000 packs per user.
  • Referral membership: 1 Silver coin here = $25 for each member; and for each silver coin you will get 10% of the profit. For a member with a free account too, you will get 5% of the sales. The more you refer, the more you earn, and there’s no upper limit.
  • Team MLM: You get to make your own team and start a chain where you quickly see the profits grow.
  • Backend sales: This is the special feature of this website – you earn when anyone in your deep level chain earns. This means that when someone in your 7 level purchases pop-up ads or solo ads, you get paid a percentage of commission for it.

The payments in Click Intensity are made through gold coins and you can withdraw them through your e-wallet any time.

 Click Intensity compensation plan

How do I know Click Intensity is not a scam?

This is the first thing to learn about opportunities like this. Is it legit? You might have already read in several reviews that Click Intensity is a scam. While researching, I could not conclude if those statements were incoming from genuine marketers, or from rival websites. It is usually the standard in any industry for a few bad eggs to pull down a new product even before it is launched so as to keep the market share for themselves.

Click intensity already has the backing of thousands of people on its Facebook Group and it is not a fan page – it is a group; which means there are administrators who are in direct touch with its users. This goes in a long way to making the users trust this platform. Another thing that is to be noticed here is that Click Intensity is making informational videos about how the system actually works.

Had it been a scam website, there wouldn’t have been any informational guide or system with which people can earn. MLMs and PTCs have been there for a long time since the internet has come forth into existence. There is no reason to doubt this mechanism. Rest assured judging by all the other factors, like its ranking in Google trends, etc, we can conclude that Click Intensity is slowly picking up the pace and it is far from showing any signs of a scam. It is here to stay for a long period of time. However, the best advantage will be to those who sign up for this scheme early. The early birds will get the most benefits in this scheme as there is an MLM scheme which will help you earn passive income without much work at all.

Click Intensity scam

Final verdict:

Click Intensity really has developed unique ways of earning for anyone anywhere. Also, there’s no pressure to invest right away, unlike some other platforms. It surely is a genuine platform, which has developed some really good ways to earn. We highly recommend this platform as its methods of payment and profits are unique and profitable, and, more importantly, legit.


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