Female Pleasure Spots Review

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Author Name: Gabrielle Moore

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Female Pleasure Spots

The female body is an amazing work of sensuous design geared for pleasure: from all the nerve endings tingling beneath our skin (the largest erogenous zone on the body) and the blood vessels that fill and swell and make us more sexually aroused.

Just about every part of the body covered by skin can be subtly aroused in some way, from goose bumps and our hair standing on end, to erotic sensation and sexual pleasure. So, if you think of it that way, the entire body is just one big erogenous zone!

How amazing is that?

When you go exploring her body, don’t just dive right into the genitals. No, seriously! Take the time to explore her body and see how she responds, what turns her on, what raises goose bumps on her skin, what makes her smile, melt, squirm, and giggle with pleasure. There is a whole body to explore, so make sure you check out every luscious curve, swell and groove to find the secrets spots that turn her on.

Think of the art of foreplay, like a spiral to desire. You begin on the outer edges of the spiral. This is the atmosphere and the erotic energy you both create, such as your love den. Candles, soft music, wine, erotic finger food or aphrodisiacs, the heady scent of flowers that you brought her home that day. Appeal to all her senses first.

When you start with touching, you enter the next circle in the spiral, getting slowly closer to your target. These are the non-erotic areas of the body such as her shoulders, arms, feet, and calves. When you touch be sure to use variation in the type of touch, pressure and pacing. Be in tune with her body as you tease, titillate, tantalize, tempt and entice her, making her want your touch more and more.

What is Female Pleasure Spots?

“Female Pleasure Spots” is not a book filled with pages after pages of overrated, overused foreplay techniques. It is definitely not a laundry list of things to do.

Its a hands-on manual to understanding and getting into your partner’s mind & body… such that you’ll be able to IGNITE her sexual desire on demand!

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to make her feel good right from the start during foreplay. I have even thrown in one whole chapter on how she can make YOU feel good, by making your partner actively involved in the foreplay process as well.

Based on the latest research into the area of “what turns women on”, learn:

  • Why females are wired differently from guys and what EXACTLY you should do to locate that ON-OFF sexual desire switch in their minds (Yes, it DOES exist… women can get horny too!)
  • Why men today (you included) don’t have to work as hard in order to get pleasured in bed (If you understand this principle, you’ll realize that half of the work is already done for you… You just have to do the other half!)
  • How you can take advantage of what EVERY woman secretly wants but are too shy to ask to make them give you mind-blowing sex.
  • One deadly myth men have about women… that causes them to NEGLECT this most important aspect of their sex life.
  • 3 things you must do to turn that simple, boring “goodbye kiss” into the most passionate kiss your partner or wife ever had.
  • The secret to making sex unforgettable for your partner even if you’re not the most physically attractive or hunky guy… (It boils down to knowing what most men do and NOT doing it!)
  • The art of fore-foreplay and why it has a direct impact on how enjoyable your sex life is (I show you how to master this art like a pro.)
  • One surprising gesture that 7 out of 10 women say turns them on immensely… that most guys don’t even know about and don’t bother doing!

and much more..

This method work on ANY woman, and can be used by ANY guy. Even the most nondescript and unattractive guy using these advanced foreplay techniques can end up in passionate sex with any woman. Luck has no part to play in all this.

Female Pleasure Spots Book

Female Pleasure Spots is available as an electronic download for only $9. This means you can download it in the next 2 minutes, without waiting for any packages to arrive in the mail. Your privacy is also completely assured… She doesn’t have to know where you’re learning all this secret stuff from, or how you suddenly make her feel so good.

And by the way, there is absolutely ZERO risk on your part. Get a copy of the book, read it and use as many of my advanced foreplay tips as possible to have the greatest sex humanely possible.

True… someone else may LOOK more attractive… but only a guy skilled in foreplay can make a lady feel good, loved and appreciated. If you have always wondered why some of the best looking ladies are often with the most average of guys… it’s because these guys know a thing or two about how to make their partners feel good.

Sure, you can make your partner feel good by “stumbling upon” something that works once in a while. But why leave things to chance when you can learn the exact buttons to press for some wild foreplay?

Remember – How much fun you have during foreplay directly affects how intense and long the actual sex will be later on… and the quality of your sex life.


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