Fighter Abs 2.0 Program Review

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Product Name : Fighter Abs 2.0

Author Name : Andrew Raposo

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Fighter Abs Review:

If you are looking for an effective program from a real expert, that was designed especially to target the lower belly fat in order to help you get the ripped abs you have always wanted, then the Fighter Abs program may be a great choice for you.

Fighter Abs is a challenging and highly-effective abs program that can be a great solution for people who want to build ripped abs like those pro fighters have. This program that promises 28 days of home workouts with no equipment that will leave one with those so-longed for abdominal muscles.

About The Author:

Andrew Raposo is the creator of the Fighter Abs. He is a North American super middle weight Muay Thai champion and a two time provincial gold medalist in Boxing. He has been competing in Muay Thai and Boxing for the past 7 years.

Andrew is a passionate Fitness & Strength coach and runs a private practice out of Toronto, Canada where he trains high-level fighters for competition as well as transform average bodies into extraordinary results with his unique approach to training.

What Is Fighter Abs?

Fighter Abs is a 3 phase fat-burning, ab workout system from Andrew Raposo which claims to help individuals target lower belly fat and melt 3 inches off of the waist in 28 days without making changes to diet. These claims have people wondering if this is possible.

It is aimed at those who are already fairy fit and are looking to strip of the very-last bit of fat that they have surrounding their abs. You’ll finally have the opportunity to discover how fighters get their abs so fast and enjoy the freedom of not having an ounce of fat around your midsection without going through another crappy diet. All you need is 15 minutes and you can easily fit these short and effective workouts in your schedule.

3 Phase Approach of Fighter Abs:

  • PHASE 1: The Foundation Phase – In this phase, we are going to revamp your metabolism and turn it into a fat burning machine. Right off the bat, you are going to be burning calories throughout the day and even while you sleep. The workouts in this phase will prepare your body for what’s to come. We will be focusing on full body exercises that give you the most “bang for your buck” in burning calories and melting off belly fat.
  • PHASE 2: Fighter Core Strength Phase– This is where you’re going to start to see those abs. Your core strength will be through the rough. The circuits get more intense and your abs are going to start to burn. The movements start to get more intense, making sure you progress appropriately. More advanced abdominal exercises will also be introduced to target your midsection, making sure we are targeting any fat around the stomach and getting your abs to appear.
  • PHASE 3: Final Competition Prep- In the final phase we will be targeting the lower belly fat and get those lower abs to appear. This abs but it want to get you a full six pack. That’s why we are going to make sure you see nothing but abs and a flat midsection when you look at your stomach.


Benefits Of Fighter Abs:

  • Have confidence when you take off your shirt
  • Get ripped abs like the fighters you see
  • Join the very few people who have great abs
  • Finally have the confidence you always wanted
  • Feel comfortable going to the beach
  • Have greater energy levels throughout the day
  • Impress your friends with your new six pack
  • Improve your posture
  • Save money on a gym membership and on a trainer

What Will You Get Inside Fighter Abs?

  • 20+ Done For You Workout Videos – this is where you will find proper coaching for every exercise this plan contains. No equipment is necessary and you can perform them at home.
  • 6-Week Done For You Workout Plan – this goes beyond three phases of the program and will let you achieve even better results.
  • The Complete Fighter Abs Manual – It contains 70+ pages that explain every exercise in the program. You will also learn how to incorporate Fighter Abs to other training programs, which is a very good idea, as it takes only 15 minutes every day. I personally use it as an addition to my other workouts.
  • Get Mobility Like A Fighter – It provides mobility drills that are crucial for your results and safety from injury. There is nothing worse that starting or finishing a workout without a proper warm up.
  • Supplement Guide – There is no magic pill that you could take and get ripped. However it is very useful to add some supplements to your diet as they will help you achieve much better results with the same effort and keep you healthy.


  •  BONUS 1 : Get Mobility Like a Fighter
  • BONUS 2 : Supplement Guide


Positive Points:

  • It has proven exercises to effectively work your abdominals and provide the best bang for your buck.
  • This program is that there are different levels of intensity to suit your individual needs.
  • The Fighter Abs program is frugal and practical
  • Fighter Abs program is that it’s suitable for almost anyone.
  • You don’t even need a gym membership! Or any other type of equipment!
  • It is also a perfect abs training plan for incorporating to your own workouts.

Negative Points:

  • Fighter Abs is not a magic bullet and it requires a solid level of time commitment. You will need to follow this program for at least few weeks to see any noticeable results.



Overall, Fighter Abs is a seriously intense program that really does provide what it promises. It’s certainly a hit with us. We think that anyone who decides to give it a try will be delighted with the end result. After all, what could be more exciting than seeing those abs peek out from behind that wall of fat.

Andrew Raposo is even offering a 100% 60-day money back guarantee for anyone who feels it’s not a great fit for them. So there is no risk in giving it a go for a few weeks to see if it’s a good fit. This is a solid ab workout programs and a bonus is that it actually helps to burn fat and develop your abs. Try it now!!



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