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On July 13, 2016
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Roughly 2,000 kids get lost or go missing every day. But with the iGPS Watch, you can worry less about ever having to experience that heart pounding, gut wrenching feeling of wondering where your kid is.

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Do you know that world survey has verified that per day 2,000 kids were missing from their family while they went to school or shopping or playing on the ground or from public places? Poorly parents don’t know exactly how to find their children and how to rescue them from strangers and kidnappers. So you must be alert every time to secure our kids but how we can make visible while we are in the office or at home? Is it possible to have an eye on our kids from so far places? Of course, iGPS Watch can do your expectation to know the place of your kids with live GPS Tracking and you will get two-way calling option from this amazing watch. Really it will be very supportive to protect your kids from all the upcoming issues. So you will have a chance to avoid worries and feel wondering about your kids.

What is iGPS Watch?

iGPS Watch is a revolutionary product which is very supportive for parents to keep your kids very safe and it make you feel holding your child in your hand all the day. It can help you to remove worries, fear, about your kids because it is specially created for kids with more safety features and it will alert you when your kid going away from the safe zone or removing this watch from their hand. You can teach your kid how to use it and how to contact you through this iGPS Watch for make you feel relaxed and get on with your kid all day long. This is the right way to keep touching with your kid and no need to make them feel lonely in any situations.

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Features of iGPS Watch:

  • iGPS Watch works like a real watch by showing digital numbers of present time.
  • Here you have Friend to Friend Calling options.
  • Really it has most advanced iGPS option which provides an exact signal to identify where your kid right now.
  • You can talk to your kid just like a normal phone and they can answer you very easily.
  • Just have peace of mind by seeing your kid’s location on your mobile map.
  • You can get alerted if that watch has been removed by them from their hand.
  • You can receive a text if your kid leaves a safe zone at any time.

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How iGPS Watch Can Support Us?

  • In this iGPS Watch you can get more advantages like that you have the option to contact your kid by making call or texting. Your kid can answer your call and read your text by pressing a button on watch just like a phone.
  • This watch has a digital clock which displays number time to show the real time for your kids.
  • iGPS Watch have more advanced live GPS tracking options to see your kids location on a map in a real-time, so you can instantly see on your computer or in your smartphone etc.,
  • This watch has instant access if your kid removed it from their hand , you will get a text message because it is patented with removal sensor and you can also receive a text when your child steps out from safe zone you can get alert to your phone.
  • In this watch, you can add emergency contact up to 8 preset phone numbers. So you can contact SOS very easy at an emergency.
  • You can get the capacity to listen to your kids surrounding by calling their watch in listener mode, so you can watch your child’s surrounding easily.
  • It includes Watch, Charging Cable USB Cable, and SIM Card.
  • It provides 300 minutes of Talk Time, Unlimited Text Messaging, and Unlimited GPS Tracking every month.
  • It offers Free App for all iPhone and Android Devices.

igps watch reviews


  • iGPS Watch provides user-friendly instructions to guide you and kid very detail.
  • You can use iGPS Watch with your Android or iPhone and also watch by simply installing provided Free App.
  • You can get access this watch from any computer with an internet connection.
  • iGPS Watch is available in pink and blue color which suits to kid between the age of 3 to 14.
  • It is very secured and safety for your child and it working as an all day protector.
  • This product offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Without an internet connection, you are not able to purchase this product because it is available in online only.

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Absolutely this iGPS Watch is the best product in online to help all the users for protecting their child from upcoming problems and strangers. A small investment on this product can do the best to secure your child and you will get the ability to identify where child right now by using GPS tracking options. If you are not completely satisfied with this product then ask for a refund by sending an email to the customer support team. Finally, you can feel relaxed and get peace of mind to have a concentration in your work and no need to worry about your kid. So don’t miss this opportunity… Grab it earlier…

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