Inspiration: International Art Book Review

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Inspiration International Art Book review

Are you wish to promote your artwork ? If you are really honest with each other, all of us are in it to become famous and make money by selling your artwork,If you are struggling for years trying to get ‘out there’, to get noticed and get your artwork sold… but in vain. Inspiration International Art Book is a great way to jump start and boost your career to that of a professional artist. This Book will help you to  get ‘out there’, to get noticed and get your artwork sold. It  is gaining so much momentum  And today, you can be a part of this success story.

What is Inspiration International Art Book?

Inspiration: International Art Book is amazing book that jump start and boost your career to that of a professional artist. Every year the Book collect the top 100 qualified artists, carefully and personally selected by our jury, to present their work in the book. This book want to help you get exposure in order to sell your work. It  have neither a charity nor. It have distributed over 45,000 books to galleries around the world – and over 1,750 books were donated to world-class collectors.

The mission of this book is to get you serious international exposure and connect the artists with the buyers and collectors. If you did not qualify, no problem – please don’t take it personally and simply try next year for the next volume, as It has over 3500 applications each and every year and can only accept 100 of them. This protects against artists deliberately or accidentally influencing judges’ decisions.

It take the process of selecting artists very seriously. Every artists passes intensive jury qualifications to ensure that only the best of the best are featured in this book. Your application fee covers all our expenses, so you will keep 100% of what you make from your sales. The Main purpose of this book is simply to promote your artwork. The book does not sell the art directly; instead it opens the doors for you to galleries and private collectors and sigificantly raises the value of your artwork. It gives you the exposure you need and provides the means for agencies and collectors reach you direcly to buy your works.

The Three Main Steps to get on to the Board for the Next Volume:

  • Step 1: Choose the package that fits your budget: It have all kinds of packages from beginners to advanced artists who want to get maximum profit out of it – and maximum exposure!
  • Step 2: Submit your art work in digital format: Simply photograph your work in 300dpi or more and submit to the manager. No physical shipping is required. Remember, our mission is to help you SELL your art – so make sure each painting you submit is ready for sale and includes the name, description, dimensions, style, medium and most importantly.
  • Step 3: Pass the judges’ requirements: It  take this very seriously and hand-pick only the top 100 qualified artists each year. It strict judges make sure that only quality, qualified artists will join the book.

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What Happens If You Fail To Pass The Qualification Judges?

Inspiration International Art Book will offer you two options: a) to submit your artwork for the next year volume book with top priority or b) The author will refund your application fee.

Benefits Of Inspiration: International Art Book:

  • Get your artwork to buyers and collectors: Inspiration International Art Book accept only artists who plan to sell their work internationally and make serious money with it. If you are painting as a hobby and never plan to sell your work, this is not for you.
  • Become a world-recognized name: Adding a serious book to your portfolio raises your profile in the eyes of collectors and potential buyers.Over 3,500 artists a year can’t be wrong! This is not some kind of cheap monthly magazine. This is a full print, hard cover, high quality book that you can be proud of being in. Presenting such book in your gallery or workshop instantly changes perceptions of you, showing that you are a professional artists rather than a hobbyist.
  • Your ticket to the inner circle: This book is your ticket to the inner circle. It’s the jump start that you need into the world of people who make a living selling their art work.
  • Being featured in your international art book is a professional and prestigious way to present yourself to art galleries, collectors, and agencies. The fact that you passed a serious panel selection alone rises you in the eyes of others when considering your work.
  • Increase the commercial value of your work. It’s obvious that the more exposure you have, the higher the value of your work. Being featured among other top artists raises your value significantly. Moreover, it provides gallery owners and agencies an easier way to present and sell your work at a higher price.

Drawbacks Of  Inspiration: International Art Book:

  • If you are not an original artist. Inspiration: International Art Book don’t accept copy-cats, period. Your art must be original and the judges go to extra lengths to verify that your art is not a copy of someone else’s work.
  • Inspiration: International Art Book hate scammers and The author hope you will help you to put an end to the copycats stealing your ideas and imagination and reselling it as their own.
  • If you are looking for free exposure without serious commitment. Inspiration: International Art Book only work with serious artists who plan to get maximum exposure and recognition in order to sell their art work and make money with it. This Book are not the service that posts your art on free Facebook accounts or free online galleries that nobody really visits.

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Bottom Line:

If you are newly starting out and struggling to turn what you love to do into a career, you can be assured of this: Inspiration International Art Book will help you to gain exposure and sell your artworks  If you know artists that could benefit from featuring in the book, help you spread the word, get amazing affiliate commissions and a chance to get your own free featuring.This book  features an exclusive collection of some of the best art in the world.

Inspiration: International Art Book include a full 60 day guarantee. If the judges rejected your application, you will be able to either apply for next year’s submission without extra cost or get a full refund. Try this Book, Nothing To Lose.


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