Linearflux’s LithiumCard Pro Review

Product Name: LithiumCard Pro

Developed by: Linearflux

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linearflux lithiumcard pro review

Wireless charging is one of many innovations that will arise in recent, enables you to charge your smartphone without fiddling with USB connectors. Through the wire in the wireless charger. If you are searching for a portable charger that charges actually fast for iPad or iPhone.LithiumCard Pro is the best option for you. LithiumCard Pro is the all-in-one battery charger with the best way to easily maintain your phone charged when you are on the go or at home. With its Hyper Charging, 3 amp with current output and a capacity of 3000 mAh you can be charged your device quicker than any other battery charger in the market and that will be charged for an extended period of time.

What is The LithiumCard Pro?

LithiumCard Pro is the world’s fastest charger for each device.This product is the 3x faster than any other apple charger and so pretty much each other charger on the market. This means that you will be completely charged and in your way, while all the others still await to be charged at 33% – not to worry, it will catch up. With each cable will ever be built right, and completely hidden when not in use, but in this product, you will be prepared to charge whatever, whenever and wherever.

There is no problem with this product,whether you have a tablet, beats headphones, Apple watch or need a charger. It will allow you hyper charging capabilities with your friends. You can charge two devices simultaneously. The product will rapidly charge your phone and charger at one time, saves time.In this product, you can easily and quickly take backup your pictures,videos, and all other valuable data to your laptop or computer. There is no need for darn cable. This charger is built in cords make syncing a snap and it will do all the works for you.

How Does LithiumCard Pro Works?

LithiumCard PRO is the best charger which has the unique super less parasitic design. This means that it has the completely charged LithiumCard PRO will last for one year or more than that. This product will be always ready to HyperCharge your all electronic devices. This charger will help you to charge your Apple iOS and Android devices quicker which is due to its proprietary HyperCharging technology designed specially by the LinearFlux Engineers. This hyper charging technology will continuously monitors and communicates with all your device so that the optimal charging curve is achieved. You can also use this product for any Android, LG, Samsung, Bluetooth speakers, Sony, Bluetooth headphones etc you will want the LithiumCard PRO with microUSB connector. In this product, you may also use your own charging cable using this LithiumCard PRO’s extra USB HyperCharging port. This product will keep monitors and communicates with all your device during the whole HyperCharging cycle. Once your device is complete, this LithiumCard PRO will automatically shut off your device.

lithiumcard pro power bank

Features Of LithiumCard Pro:

  • LithiumCard Pro is 300% quicker than the apple iPhone charger.
  • This product will charge two devices at the same time.
  • This charger is built-in charging cables and it does not look like any normal charger with cables.
  • There are no messy cables to forget or drag along from the plug.
  • This product is compatible with Apple Lightning connector with the iPhone 5C,5, 5S,6S,6,6 Plus and 6S Plus.
  • In this product,it has the special power indicator button such as blue for 10% charged,white for 90% charged,and red less than 10% charged.

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  • LithiumCard PRO is the world certified to meet or exceed IATA, FAA, and any other airline regulations as the hand-carry charger.
  • This product has made for out perform all other normal chargers in its class and can operate at high efficiency more than 1000 cycles.
  • It will help you to continue the hypercharge your phone but will only lose about 10-15% of usual capacity.
  • This product with the microUSB connector that helps to compatible with every Android and all devices using the USB2.0 charging protocol.
  • It is available in less price when to compare to another charger.
  • It will definitely save your time and money.


  • LithiumCard PRO has the only disadvantage that this product is shipped only within USA and Canada.

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LithiumCard PRO is the highly-preferrable product for people who wish to use the wireless charger. This product provides you the 100% satisfaction guarantee.In case,you do not wish to use then,you can cancel this order. Linearflux will notify your details by simply contacting the e-mail or billing address/phone number given at the time the order is made. This product will increase your comfort and securely while driving also you can able to charge. If you order this LithiumCard PRO soon, you will get free shipping and nano stick pad with all the order. So Hurry Up!…

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