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max krav maga review

Do you have confidence in your ability to protect yourself and loved ones from a violent attack? Every man, woman, young or old, big or small, strong or weak must learn self defence. Max Krav Maga is a must have self defence course. This Max Krav Maga is a reality-based self defence systems to express their thoughts on a variety of topics. Its particular emphasis is on the discipline, Krav Maga. It is known to be one of the most realistic self defence disciplines available today. Krav Maga is suitable for anyone regardless of size, strength, physical condition, or experience.

What Is Max Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a unique and logical system of self-defense, fighting skills and defensive tactics. There are no traditional or sporting elements in Krav Maga, with all of its training methods being based on the adaptation of instinctive response through principal based learning, resulting in skills that become practical in a short space of time and useful under stressful conditions. Elevating the trainee’s capabilities on the physical, mental, technical and tactical levels.

How Does Max Krav Maga Works?

Krav Maga training is its structured teaching process, delivery of learning and training methodologies. Its curriculum is divided into grades and levels, whether it is for civilians, military soldiers, law enforcement and security officers, Close Personal Protection personnel or members of special units. Krav Maga techniques and principles are taught with ultimate reality in mind. Krav Maga enables personal growth from both a physical and mental perspective. Those training Krav Maga see vast improvement in their physical health and mental abilities to make decisions in stressful, fast moving situations and to be able to cope with demanding lifestyles.

  • Krav Maga is made up of only natural movements you’d use if you were attacked.
  • All techniques must address the immediate danger.
  • Krav Maga techniques defend and counter attack at the same time.
  • One defense must work in a variety of attacks and positions.
  • The techniques must be accessible to the average person, not just athletes.
  • Techniques must work when the person is at a disadvantage.
  • Techniques must work under the most stressful conditions imaginable- fear for your life.

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What Will You Discover From Max Krav Maga?

  • How to prevent, avoid, escape and evade situations of conflict
  • Attacking and counter-attacking skills, using the hands, legs, feet, arms and head
  • How to use everyday objects for self-defense and fighting
  • Techniques to defend yourself against unarmed attacks such as kicks, strikes, throws, different grabs of body and clothing
  • Techniques to defend yourself again armed threats and attacks involving knives, other sharp objects, sticks and other blunt objects
  • Techniques to defend yourself against threats with both a short barreled or long barreled firearms
  • How to defend yourself when on the ground
  • How to deal with multiple attackers
  • How to defend other people – also known as third party protection
  • Learning how to fall and roll to reduce injury through impact on the ground


  • Combat mindset, mental conditioning and mental training workshop videos.
  • Master – Class videos experience a world class krav maga seminar.
  • Anti – Carjacking and road rage defense training module.
  • Using firearms as non lethal weapons.
  • Training modules

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  • Replace your natural fear with primal, animalistic aggression.
  • Transform mental confusion, tunnel vision and auditory exclusion into a few focused, simple, lethal movements.
  • A self defense system that has been proven effective on the streets and in military close quarters combat.
  • A real world self defense system that is more brutal, more effective, and easier to learn than any traditional martial art.
  • Mental training techniques used by special forces that allow you to react calmly and efficiently in the face of real violence.
  • Easy to learn techniques that are based on “natural body reflexes” and become instinctive very fast


  • We cannot purchase this program in shops or in stores, but it is available in online only.
  • You have to concentrate carefully in preparing for tragedy condition. Then only you can able to protect yourself.

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Max Krav Maga is the mind-blowing Program which will assist in the correct way to survive from any misfortune environment. This makes that whenever a terrible situation unfolds, each and every family member knows what to do and will be able to accomplish this rapidly. This Program is the best self defense guide that definitely teaches you about how to prevent your in any situations. This will beneficial not for you only and also helps the life of your beloved ones. So, Every one can make use of this program and completely worth.

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