Pixel Studio FX Review & Bonus

Product Name: Pixel Studio FX

Creator’s Name: Adeel Chowdary, Jimmy Kim & Ali Chowdary

Official Website: CLICK HERE

Pixel Studio FX

Pixel Studio FX is a web based software created by Adeel Chowdary, Jimmy Kim & Ali Chowdary that helps people create professional looking and eye-catching covers for their e-books. This program works with both PC’s and Mac’s and contains a variety of templates and features that people can use to create e-book covers that are unique to their own products. The most important part is you don’t need a photoshop at all.

When you create an e-book, you concentrate so much on the content that you are putting into it that you don’t give much thought to the outside graphics—until it’s time to put the finishing touches on it. At that time, you find yourself wondering how you’re going to make the cover of your e-book attractive enough so people will want to give it more than just a cursory look. Pixel Studio FX helps you put those finishing touches on your e-book that will make it look as professional on the outside as you have made it look on the inside.

Pixel Studio FX has features that not only give you the base graphics that you need to start designing your e-book cover, but also the modification features that you need to truly make the cover your own. The templates can be used to design e-covers, covers for pictures of a software box, or even covers for pictures of DVD’s or CD’s. There are so many templates included in this software program that it would take you a long time to use them all, if you ever really could.

People who have purchased and used Pixel Studio FX have reported back favorably. They say that the program integrates easily with any web browser and that it is very user-friendly. The vast amount of templates provided with the software are more than enough to keep even the choosiest person satisfied. For those who create information products on a regular basis, this could be a good program to add to your product-creation toolbox.


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