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Internet search optimization is an essential tool to improve your page ranks. However, there are often very vague plug-ins available for this whose performance cannot be relied upon. SeNuke is a trusted package that has been operational since 2008, and now there is an updated version called SeNuke TNG that is being released. It is effective in producing the desired results for every blogger.

If you have been looking for ways to increase your site’s traffic or SERP rankings, then you shouldn’t look any further as SeNuke TNG is a complete package for you. Read my full review to learn in what ways it is actually good for you.

What exactly is SeNuke TNG?

SeNuke TNG is a renowned product known for eliminating all the causes that make your website rank low on the search engines. Its predecessor SeNuke is trusted and used by millions of bloggers around the world over the past 8 years! SeNuke TNG, the new and improved version, has been launched only recently; and from what we see, the company has managed to remove a lot of bugs that existed in the previous version. Plus, this new product contains all the features which comply with the regulations of the Search Engines.

I have tried everything to improve my SERP rankings. What will SeNuke do to help me?

Having had a blog already, you must have gone through all the tried and tested routes to go forth collecting your rankings. However the thing with Google rankings is that you will never be able to get to the highest pages if you are not following all the rules every time. Now this gets a little bit tricky. How can we follow all the rules all the time? It certainly becomes difficult. At this point you have two options – you can either download the SeNuke TNG package to help you out or you can hire an SEO specialist. The latter will cost you more compared to SeNuke TNG. On the other hand, SeNuke TNG provides you with a lot many features, such as:

  • Crowd Search: SeNuke TNG has come up with the new crowd search feature to enrich your pages. It is a very new concept and not many are aware of it. The system works by providing you “keyword search visits”. This translates into longer engagements and if you had a high bounce rate earlier, you could easily see them drop with this feature – as more and more people engage on your site. Also, it enables you to have more page views which translate well on your CTR. This is the feature everyone is looking for right now. It will enhance your revenues by boosting your page views.
  • Rank dominating: The new version also contains many automated features which will automatically boost your site’s search engine rank. This method is placed with the intention of saving your time and money and will show its effects almost immediately. 
  • Traffic engagement metrics: The ways the page ranks are defined is fast changing and so are the factors that define it. Engaging pages are ranked higher not just because they are high on back links but because the users find them more useful.

There was a time when only back links and good content would do the trick. The same cannot be said for today as more and more techniques are being developed to improve the websites.

As already mentioned, crowd search is one of the most powerful methods to make your site rank higher. With SeNuke TNG you can just sit back and enjoy this method. Simply add the URL and the site which you want visited. Then crowd search will ask Google to list that webpage. You will automatically see a rise in the number of visitors with this simple trick.

Don’t wait any longer; SeNuke TNG can boost your web page earnings in no time.

senuke TNG latest version

Automated features of SeNuke TNG: 

Even if you don’t have any experience of Page rankings you will be able to operate SeNuke TNG because it makes the task easier for you. To boost a blog, simply enter its URL on SeNuke and it will do the following things for your blog automatically:

  • Fully optimize all your SEO campaigns
  • Will create effective social links
  • Will create high authority professional web profile
  • It will make your content media rich
  • Will induce Press Releases

All in all, you can set your brand to be campaigned for and you will get so much more with SeNuke TNG. All content will be strategically linked to ensure that your webpage receives the maximum exposure.

This is not all…

You can take full advantage of SeNuke TNG as it contains:

  • Unlimited verified proxies
  • Plenty of strategic linking techniques
  • Advanced captcha
  • High quality site linking
  • Enriching content
  • Collapsible lists
  • Looping campaigns
  • Article manager

Along with it you get Wizard and turbo wizard will help you create and manage your campaigns within seconds. You don’t even need any prior experience in managing content. With this new technique you will see the difference almost immediately.

SeNuke TNG Pricing:

It is available within a range of $67 to $147 starting from the basic to the advanced levels. You can also subscribe to their annual plan which starts from $1,287.

Since the package has just been recently launched, there is a huge discount being offered in the lifetime license. You can avail it at only $1997.

Rest assured, buying this product will be well worth it. People who have already tried SeNuke can vouch for its effectiveness and those who are about to try it, are going to be much delighted.


I used SEnuke TNG to rank this article on to the 1st position of Google.

SeNuke TNG – Final verdict:

Judging by all factors, SeNuke TNG works much better and more effectively than any plug-in or any SEO analyst. It will give you long term benefits and you will be able to see the effects almost immediately. This is a one-stop SEO software package that will take care of all your blogging requirements.

Being a blogger takes up a lot of time – let some of it be done by SeNuke TNG. It will be well worth it.

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