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If you are a blogger running a WordPress website, you already know that search engine optimization (SEO) is really important to increase your search engine rankings. It basically means taking your remedies to the people who really need to get them – to make it more visible. Once you do this, it automatically translates on your blog.

One thing to make sure while using this plug-in is that it will not be a one-click solution to all your marketing problems. You will still need to work on marketing your site better. However, you will get undeniable benefits and features that far outperforms other alternatives.

In this review, I will tell you how I personally was helped by SEOPressor Connect. Read my honest review to learn all about this plug-in that everybody is talking about.

What is SEOPressor Connect is all about?

SEOPressor Connect is actually a well-known page optimization plug-in which is often compared with SEO Yoast. It has got rave reviews on all major forums and is much loved by users. It is currently accessed by over 128,000 bloggers. This tells you all you need to know about this plug-in a nutshell.

SEOPressor Connect’s main function is that it contains all the necessary things you need to make your page rank higher. This includes adding snippets, making your page exactly as optimized as is required and making it social media ready. This has a number of features than SEO Yoast. Honestly, I was astonished to see that this was so much more than just on-page optimization.

About the results – Does it really work?

SEOPressor Connect works because it removes the manual factor associated with the handling. Previously you might have had to work with SEO analysts and page optimizers to understand what keywords to use and how often to use them. With SEOPressor, those days will be history.

It has its own LSI suggestion list which suggests you the keywords that fit your posts. It also prompts you when you over optimize your site, so that your hard work doesn’t go in vain.

Previously I used to struggle with on page optimization, unable to realize that I have over-optimized it. After I started using it, I got better SERP rankings and seriously, if you want to improve your rankings and visibility on the search engines, then SEOPressor Connect is an excellent tool to use.

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But why would I even need SEOPressor Connect?

You are probably wondering why you need it. I wasn’t sure I needed a new page optimizer until I tried it. The thing with the old optimizers is that they are all outdated and in the last few years, Google has already launched new features and algorithms like Penguin and Panda.

Your site needs more updated plug-ins that will integrate these new features to enrich your blog. SEOPressor Connect’s 5th version has included all smart features to make sure that your blog passes Google’s algorithm and gets higher rankings. It has added some features like adding star rating in Google, etc, which work miraculously in your favor.

When features like these are combined to back a blog, there’s no way you can miss out on high rankings:

  • Automatic keyword beautifying: SEOPressor detects your keywords and automatically bolds it or makes it richer by adding italic to it. The search engines love it when you do that. The bots which scan your site give preferential treatment to the bolded keywords. So it is an added plus. Also, the SEOPressor software actually detects and adds H1, H2, and H3 tags wherever necessary.
  • Smart linking automatically: You want your audience to check out another page which you wrote on similar lines. Earlier you had to do this by manually adding the HTML tags to your content and linking it with content on your site. Now with SEOPressor, it can be done automatically. As soon as it detects some keywords which you used in the past for another article for your website, it automatically adds an HTML link with it.Note: Interlinking helps reduce the bounce rate on your web page. They are also another top factor to rank on Google. It is essential that you link your old content with new pages that you are adding.
  • Affiliate cloaking: Affiliate links taking up a lot of your page? Are you losing viewers because of the affiliate link that looks long and ugly? Just cloak it. SEOPressor allows you to do just that.
  • Social Optimization: It allows you to add Twitter cards and Facebook Open Graph as well. This way it allows you to increase your visibility on social media platforms as well.
  • LSI analysis: LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is an important factor but ignored by many newbie bloggers. LSI typically gives you a list of many long tail keywords which are analyzed by the keywords that people search on the search engines. Using them you can automatically increase your rankings and the results almost show instantly.
  • Eye catching snippets: Have you seen those sites online which display reviews and ratings and sometimes also a small snippet? Those are the things that attract the users. Using them you can ensure that traffic always follows your site.

Basically, all the on-page content optimization will be done by this plug-in. I was really happy because this freed up more time for me to concentrate on my content. The keyword and optimization worries were all left to this plug-in and it did really work!

How much will it cost me?

SEOPressor Connect contains a list of features which no other SEO plug-in gives you so far. This is why this plug-in comes with a pricing of $9 / month.

It comes with a lifetime free update – so you don’t have to worry about spending too much on this plug-in either. If you are serious about your SEO rankings, you might already have thought about hiring an SEO analyst. Come to think of it, SEOPressor Connect is much cheaper and faster.

I strongly suggest you give SEOPressor a try. No other plug-in will be as much effective as this one.

SEOPressor Connect plugin review

So is it really worth buying?

In short, it is!

SEOPressor Connect is like your one-stop destination for all SEO related requirements. The reason I recommend this plug-in so highly is because you will get everyone to one place – right from social media snippet arrangement to on-page SEO optimization. You can really give the content the real focus that it deserves with this plug-in.

Do not miss this opportunity to make your blog bigger and reach out to a number of people.

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