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TecAdemics is a global internet marketing college pioneered by Chris Record. With a theme of technology and academics convergence, TecAdemics is the first ever internet marketing college designed to teach online entrepreneurs on the best internet marketing practices while earning a commission at the same time.

Before we get to TecAdemics review, I think it is good enough for you to familiarize yourself with Chris Record, the owner of TecAdemics, that’s if you don’t know much about him already.

About Chris Record

When I first saw Chris Record on the stage of Empower Network in 2013, I knew he had something good in store coming. Eventually, it has dawned on us. From the slightest look at the guy, anyone could tell that the dude was going to reach higher heights soon. And today, he is a top online entrepreneur with an 8 figure income and most respected.

After launching a number of info-products that turned out successful, such as Dark Post Profits, today he is a multi-millionaire.

Chris Record has worked with plenty of other top names such as Jim Piccolo who launched a number of online colleges in the sector of real estate and earned billions of dollars. Even though Chris Record’s online educational program isn’t a network marketing firm, he has made it possible for the company’s members to get a pay slip by taking part in TecAdemics affiliate program. You’ll learn more about that in a moment.

So many participants are on board, including big names such as Vick Strizheus, Troy Shanks, Justin Verrengia, Peter Sorenson and Frank Calabro.


What TecAdemics Entails

As said before, TecAdemics aims at enhancing the entrepreneurial knowledge of internet marketers so they can multiply their income a hundredfold. The program has several levels that offer education to the members on three scales.

The internet marketing world is a very dynamic place and concepts are changing with sunrise. Internet and social media marketing strategies are taking a completely different turn which has affected the growth and scaling of online business by entrepreneurs. So many entrepreneurs are struggling to implement contemporary strategies and marketing concepts with true results.

Chris Record noted that the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs are as a result of nothing other than lack of high quality and structured online entrepreneurship education in the industry. TecAdemics (Internet Marketing College) is specifically formulated to fill the gap or void in the industry by offering high quality education to entrepreneurs.

The program’s courses are taught by professionals who not only understand the theory bit but also are experts at practicing what they teach. Since they are practicing whatever they teach, each time they are able to come up with the most up to date concepts that are applicable in the market.

Moreover, TecAdemics classes are consistently updated and uniquely structured and presented to facilitate learning, retention as well as success of the students. Chris Record says that this program will open a new page in the world of entrepreneurship by empowering every entrepreneur with the essential knowledge to change their internet marketing game plan.

The Solution to Entrepreneurship Problem

The problem with the world of online entrepreneurship is loads of information which finally end up confusing entrepreneurs. Each day a new product or software ventures in with the promise of multiplying the returns of entrepreneurs by a hundredfold. I’ve been a victim of such tricks, bought and even promoted the products. Looking back at the loads of products I’ve tried out, it all dawns to so much confusing information without a proper direction of what is aimed and how it is going to be achieved.

TecAdemics comes in with a completely different approach to solve the problem of information overload. The program employs something referred to as Instructional System Design (ISD). This is a taxonomy that’s used by all major universities globally to teach students with regard to science of education.

What TecAdemics did was to assemble curriculum developers with experience from the top universities and taught them about the up to date methods employed by the highly successful online entrepreneurs. This gave rise to a learning technology (Tec) and a brand new class of internet marketing educational program that makes use of mastery learning techniques (Ademics).

What you see here then is bridging of the gap existing between traditional learning practices and the ‘guru’ education practice. That’s the solution that TecAdemics is all about. On my personal perspective, this is something that I’m proud to be associated with. It entails a breakdown of actually what is taught, how it taught and why it is different from the rest.


TecAdemics Educational Program Levels

The program members and students from around the globe attending the classes. Let’s have a look at the three products:

  1. TEC

This is The Entrepreneur Club, TecAdemics basic program level. At a price of $100 per month you get access to a lot of the benefits that the club has to offer, including access to the online forum and discuss entrepreneurial issues with like-minded marketers.

TEC offers foundational education which also features weekly training, participation I interactive forums and interaction with the highly qualified online tutors. Actually, it’s not a place flooded with rookies as I first thought before joining it. Trust me, there’s nothing as annoying as a place fully loaded with newbies who are expecting to learn from one another. TEC is NOT that place!

You will have access to different topics from which you can choose what to learn. These include:

  • Internet marketing.

  • E-commerce

  • Facebook advertisement

  • Leads generation

  • Google Adwords

  • YouTube marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Social media presence

  • Dropshipping, etc.


Next on the list of products is Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training going at a onetime fee of $2,000.

This is a collection of advanced study courses that go in deeper depth, mostly suitable for advanced marketers.

Basically, IMPACT is a video taught by Chris Record himself… so you get the chance to move at your desired pace. There will be lesson mastery as well as quizzes before the future lessons are unlocked. It’s actually more of an educational experience. You advance to the next level after successfully tackling your current level. Let’s say it is more academia!


This is TecAdemics top shelf program level offered at a onetime fee of $10,000. This program includes a training session lasting for a week in Arizona scheduled every 3 months.

MASTER Tuition is meant for those tech marketers who are ready to make partnerships and collaborations with the realest in marketing game. At this level, people are presented with a chance to interact one on one and receive mentorship from people that are at the top of their entrepreneurial game. It is a real life training and mentorship.

As a student of the Master Tuition, you’ll get a 90 minute class sessions for 6 hours lasting for a period of 5 days. Moreover, a virtual counsellor will be assigned to offer you guidance on choosing the most appropriate course.

Basically, the Master Tuition is the next closest thing that can give you a real experience of a classroom- with the only exception being that your professors are simply experts who are best at practicing what they teach.

TecAdemics Affiliate Program

What I find more interesting and love the most about TecAdemics is their openness to rewarding its affiliates on the sales made. The structure of their commission payment plan is completely different from any other I’ve ever used.

Just to break it down to you, you stand a chance to either earn 20% or 40% commission on your sales. For the first two sales, you get 20% of commission while your enroller gets 20% (you split the 40% commission between you). Each of the 5th sale is also passed to your enroller. You get full 40% commission on the remaining sales.

Other than the affiliate program, TecAdemics also has another way for its affiliates to earn bountiful bonuses, referred to as the Matching Bonus.

About the Matching Bonus

Matching bonus comes in two versions, the $100,000 and the $1,000,000 matching bonus.

  1. $100,000 matching bonus

Under this category, when your total affiliate commission earned hits the $100,000 mark in a period of three years, TecAdemics gives you another $100,000 bonus payment in cash. The payment goes directly to your pay card and is done only once.

  1. The $1,000,000 Matching bonus

The Matching bonus also hits again when you reach the $1,000,000 mark worth of affiliate commissions in 3 years. TecAdemics gives you another $1,000,000 matching bonus payment directly to your pay card. Now that is amazing!

From the look of things, it seems like serious individuals with great affiliate potential will be on board. And that particularly makes sense as there’s already big names on board contesting for the big matching bonus mark. Take note, there’s no competition between the affiliates. The only competition lies within yourself and as soon as you hit the mark, you get your matching bonus. NO competition with other affiliates.



To sum thing up, you’ve read this review and probably many others online. It’s upon you to make the decision on whether to continue with your methods which even if they bring you the profits, but not as much as you’d want to get.

If you want a new approach of things and change your game plan, TecAdemics is at your service. What’s more, you not only get to learn but also earn bountifully through its affiliate program and matching bonuses. Much has been said now it’s time to get things done!


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