The Salvation Diet Review

The Salvation Diet Review and Buyer’s Guide. Includes product discounts and bonuses, expert reviews, and firsthand user feedbacks.

Product Name: The Salvation Diet

Author Name: Chris Walker

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The Salvation Diet review

How much is it worth to you to know with absolute faith a proven plan that will extend your life, shrink your waistline, fuel you with astonishing energy and allow you continue to fight for family, for god and for the values you hold so dear? If you have a low self-esteem as a result of your weight and if you direly need to lose weight, this system is for you. The Salvation Diet is a biblical inspired weight loss system and the first of its kind. It provides believers a simple and assured step-by-step guide to shredding weight and reclaiming that body that god intended for them, helping extending your life by years or decades complete free of pain and diseases. With the right mindset and dedication, you will see results within the first few weeks of using the program.

What is The Salvation Diet?

The Salvation Diet is a new weight loss program that is rooted in biblical belief of treating your body like the temple of the lord.It is a new approach get getting healthy,keeping fit and ensuring that you working on your body as well as you are working on your mind and soul.It is scientifically proven and has been developed by Chris Walker.This program mission is to helpover one million christian across the globe shed all those extra pounds,reclaim the incredible energy.The lord has intended for them and live the long,healthy,active life that is available to all believers.It specially you need to take care of god given body so that you will have the energy and body to support the long live and assignment you have here on earth.

The Salvation Diet is incredible guide on how to shed fats, stay fit and live long; just the way God intended. It seeks to develop the mind, the soul and the body. To develop the system that takes you by the hand and shows you each and every step on your road to health and Salvation. It reveals the truth about food and health revealed by God and his son Jesus in the Bible itself. You will learn the truth about food and health as contain in the bible.

It is completely safe and proven method. It show you how to fuel your body the Biblical way using the real foods hidden at your local supermarket and for less than you’re paying for man-made “junk” right now. From this program you’ll discover the power of the root vegetable of happiness. This one delicious vegetable has been proven to radically increase your brain’s production of serotonin is the effective program that works on a proper diet plan teaching dieters about how to burn fat fast.There are various health secrets contained in the program that will teach you exactly what you need to do to shed those fats and attain the desired size that will support to be healthy.

Inside The Salvation Diet Member’s Area:

The Salvation Diet plan

I just wanted to post this quick members area screenshot for anyone who may be following my review and case study of the Salvation Diet. I know that I like to see what I’m going to be getting before I buy anything, so I thought maybe you all would too.

I’m really happy and excited to say that this system works for me. Although results may vary, I started seeing great results in the 2nd week itself. This program is really easy and simple to follow and understand.

Here is the overview of the Salvation Diet Members Area:

  • Module 1 – Intro:

In this module Chris Walker shares with you his story of hitting all time lows (just like you might have but worse). Then deciding to make changes, making small changes each and everyday and to start honoring Jesus with his life. How that lead him to the discovery of “The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat?” and a wonderful brand new Life! 🙂

  • Module 2 – Daily Verse:

The Daily Verse and developing a solid foundation of Prayer & Gratitude for your Life. In this module you are going to cover something most people let go from their everyday busy life. Daily prayer and gratitude. Your daily prayer and gratitude will have one of the biggest impacts on your life and will take less than 7 minutes a day. Daily prayer and gratitude are going to be something we start to do everyday, it’s going to reshape our Mind, our Body & Soul!

  • Module 3 – Rejuvenate:

You are going to cover something that most people overlook. Rejuvenation and Rest. Most people refer to it as Sleep :). Although sleep is something we do every night, lack of it it greatly affects our weight. In the Book of Matthew Jesus reminds us, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” God intended for us to get sleep and rejuvenate each and every night and sleep well while as he watches over us!

  • Module 4 – That’s Not Food:

Chris is going to share with you that EVERYTHING that he had believed was a lie up until discovering “The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat?” His knowledge of diet, nutrition and exercise from the modern world was like the home built on sand. His understanding of how to take care of his own body was a shaky house built on a crumbling foundation. And then everything changed. And he realized he had to rebuild.

  • Module 5 – Playtime:

In this module, You are going to cover the importance of exercise or as he like to call it, Playtime. To be clear, 90 percent of the way you look is based upon the food you put in your body. But it is still important to move your body as well, which in turn clears your mind. Lack of playtime is responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity says a recent study. Chris created a three-tier exercise system to suit any and all fitness levels.

  • Module 6 – Serving Others:

You are going to cover something most people overlook. Serving Others. Serving Others is going to have amazing long lasting positive effect on your mind, body & spirit. How could Chris have been so wrong for so long about the importance of serving others? What he thought about serving was completely wrong. When you serve, you quickly discover the most important things we have to offer are not things at all.

  • Module 7 – Being Your Best Self:

Let me ask you a question “If your life were a book, would anyone want to read it?” Well if we don’t do anything about our life. It is going to pass us by. So lets start writing our “new book” today! 🙂

The Salvation Diet system

Features Of The Salvation Diet:

It comes with a simple, easy to follow system that will transform your mind, body and soul in shockingly little time so you can continue to serve The Lord In the process of studying the program, you will learn simple secrets of attaining the right body size to support you mentally, physically and spiritually. Some of the secrets you will learn from the Salvation Diet include:

  • The “Craving Communion Method”of banishing your need for the addictive poison known as processed sugar forever.
  • It teach you how to use “Oil Of The Soul” to feel truly full (possibly for the first time in your life) through just 5 short minutes of prayer.
  • Use this method just 20 minutes a day,3 days a week and watch the pounds melt away without going to the gym or even breaking a sweat.
  • This One delicious vegetable has been proven to radically increase your brain’s production of serotonin.. the “happy chemical” God gave us so we can joyously experience His creation.Simply eat this one thing each night before bed to program your mind for joy and prevent depression without drugs or paying out the nose to greedy pharmaceutical companies.


  • The Salvation Diet is based on the truth about food and health revealed by god and his son Jesus in the Bible itself.
  • You are not required to do strenuous exercises to lose weight and neither are you required to starve yourself. The program offers natural weight loss remedies that do not bring any side effects.
  • This program will transform your mind, body and soul in shockingly little time so you can continue to attend to those things that matters to you and avail the world of your god given potentials.
  • It include the secrets that you can use to begin to shed those extra weight, reclaim your god intended body and live a life filled with glorious health and amazing strength.
  • The good thing about the Salvation Diet program is that it not only helps you attain your dream physique but also develops you mentally and spiritually.


  • The Salvation Diet demands for extreme commitment in following all the instructions so as to work to perfection. Neglecting any part of the program may lead to lack of success. It therefore requires you to change your lifestyle.
  • It comes in a mere PDF format making it inaccessible to many customers. However, you can purchase the e-book and use it purposefully in rectifying your diabetic condition.

“I’ve had a problem with my weight ever since I was injured during high school soccer. I’ve tried a lot to lose the weight and nothing worked. When I discovered The Salvation Diet I thought it was just another fad. But I was wrong. 

I finally found a program with a firm foundation in my own faith that inspired me to treat my body like the temple that Christ created. Every day has been easier than the last one…and lighter too.  This is more than a diet it’s a lifestyle and it’s a lifestyle that works for me.”

Brad C. —

Bottom Line:

The Salvation Diet has been used by tens of thousands of people from many countries. Many of them have shared their experience online. There are solid scientific principles behind every key concept, particularly those that contravene widely-held beliefs about diet plans for people trying to achieve specific fitness goals such as weight loss and healthy forever.

If you find The Salvation Diet is not your cup of tea for any reason whatsoever, simply let know any time in the next 60 days and the author will personally issue you a lightning-fast refund of every single penny of your investment no questions asked and no hard feelings. It is risk-free product.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download your copy below.


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1) Forever Motivated (Worth $37)

The Salvation Diet ebook

Finding the motivation to do something difficult comes from within. No matter what anyone else says- you’ve got to know how to do it for yourself.

2) Losing Weight and Building Muscle Fast (Worth $37)

The Salvation Diet book

Trying to lose weight can be tough. Trying to lose weight fast can be even more of a challenge. If you think you have to starve yourself or endlessly exercise you’ll be happy to learn that’s not so.

3) Fitness & Exercise (Worth $37)

The Salvation Diet reviews

It’s like having your very own fitness & exercise instructor that you can refer and ask questions anytime that you need to!

3) Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health (Worth $37)

The Salvation Diet guide

Is the fact that you would like to learn to use chemicals for your health but just don’t know how and this is making your life difficult… maybe even miserable?


Just 3 Easy Steps to Claim Bonus:

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