The Straight Bait Review

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Are you in need of something to lure him to like you? It does not matter how manly he is, whether he likes women or men, if he has been with a man before or not, what his weight or age is, and so on, Straight Bait will get him to like you!

What is Straight Bait?

Straight Bait is a trick that helps you lure straight hot men who only sleep with women to get down with you. This also helps you identify what straight men lie about their sexuality, gauge their interest in men, get him to make his first move, turn a straight friend into a fuck buddy, and so on.

It was designed and created by successfully cracking the ‘straight code’ in men, something many scientists have failed to do. The genius creator of this system conducted several researches to understand the psychology of heterosexual and homosexual men and came up with a way of getting past their mental state to their sexual desires.

What’s amazing about this trick is that it doesn’t matter whether you are openly gay or you are lying about it. It also keeps you away from the risk of embarrassments or exposure because it is totally under radar.

The technique that is based on cutting-edge psychological facts helps you identify exactly where straight guys can be hit to get down with you all the way. Straight Bait is quite effective and will compel some hot straight guys to make the first move on you, believe it or not! 

How it works

It works very simply manifesting an idea into your targeted man’s head, letting the idea to spread its roots and successfully grow until it finally and significantly turns into the final action you have been waiting for. We will call this idea a ‘seed’. Get to plant the seed into his head by following the given simple steps.

Incept the Straight Bait ‘seeds’ in the everyday conversations without them noticing or getting you exposed. The first seed incepted will quickly determine his sexual flexibility. This step lets you know if he has been with other men before or not. It also lets you know if he ever imagines being with another man. You might be shocked by how curious he is about being with another man, regardless of how straight he might seem to be. This step then easily leads you to the next step.

The second seed will have him think about his sensual side since some naughty images of you will be constantly flashing through his mind. This will happen like a fantasy, and he will try to resist it and by doing that, more fancy images of you will cross his mind until he gives up and becomes open to the idea. But he will never find out that it is you who actually planted the idea into his head. He will then do something about his deepest desires that no one else knows about.

The third and the final seed will compel him to make his final move on you. To do something about his deepest desires that have been suppressing his life, he will definitely make a move on you and you will surely love the outcome.

Yes, it is that simple!

How it benefits you!

With Straight Bait, you can lure as many straight men as you want! There are testimonies that it has already helped many gay men get their desired straight men. Straight Bait has tricks for unique situations and works magic for its users.

It gives you the ‘big guy’ confidence; it lets you go all the way if it doesn’t feel gay; you can say goodbye to the friend zone with its tricks; it gives you the right words to turn him on; and in the best case scenarios, it might result into your desired straight man developing feelings for you and leading into a relationship where he will always run to you!

Straight Bait lets you learn a number of things about how to lure straight men to admit and want to have that much-desired hot sex with you. It also gives you techniques that help you handle specific situations. And what is even more amazing is the fact that you can get any straight guy, however straight he might seem to be, to show his literally ‘straight’ dick to you!


  • Very effective
  • Based on cutting edge psychological facts
  • It has been proven to work in numerous cases
  • Does not expose you or result into embarrassing situations
  • Suitable for anyone regardless of one’s age and weight
  • It is a safe system 
  • It has no side effects whatsoever


This method requires patience and keen steps to adopt. Its fruits bear over time and thus the process should not be rushed to get quick results.


It is a system that was designed by professionals who sat down together, studied and performed a lot of experiments to see it successfully work. It lets you bait not only gays but also the straight men who are more appealing for some great experiences you probably have never experienced in your entire life. 

It is an effective system unlike other worthless methods over the internet that have not been tested and proven to work at all. And for its level of quality, it is offered at the most competitive market rates.

With its immense features provided at the most affordable market rates, Straight Bait is suitable for anyone who wants some love and action from the straight men of their choice. It’s an effective method that works like magic and considering the testimonials from all across the world, you should have it soon!

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